Schmitt’s EGGcellent Egg Drop

Schmitt dropping the “deviled egg” from six meters

Throughout the school year, the physics classes at Masuk create projects that test the theories they are currently studying in class. Peter Schmitt’s physics students are currently learning about momentum, and to test this the students must create an enclosed and secure carrier to protect an egg from any fall damage. After being dropped at smaller heights, including 10 centimeters, twenty five centimeters, and fifty centimeters, the egg can be dropped from all the way up to six meters. The carrier needs to weigh at least three pounds, or 1500 grams, to make sure it falls straight to the floor. The students were allowed creative freedom when designing their carrier, and points were given for theme and overall performance. Sophomore Virginia Grabovsky stated,

“I chose to design my carrier as a deviled egg because I wanted to make it egg themed and I enjoy deviled eggs. To design the outside, I duct taped the outside of a cardboard box and added pictures of deviled eggs on the front. I even gave my box devil horns and a tail to really make it look like a devil.” 

Grabovsky’s egg survived all of the different drop heights, including being dropped from six meters three separate times.

“We had to find objects around the house to use on the inside of the carrier that were heavy enough to fulfill the weight requirement. So, I used those gel ice packs that you freeze for injuries because they are heavy and we looked online at some labs and many of the successful carriers used foam so I included that in my carrier as well.” 

Compared to Grabovsky, sophomore Matt Domenichelli took a different approach.

“It was late at night and I realized that I needed to finish my project. I noticed a small soccer ball on the floor and thought it would work. I cut open the soccer ball and threw some flour, wire, and popcorn in there for extra protection. My egg has survived all of the drops so I guess it worked.” Domenichelli admits.

No matter how students designed their carrier, the results of this experiment were EGGcellent. Most of the eggs were successfully protected from breaking, but there were still a few that ended the day scrambled. Hopefully these physics students learned their lesson of momentum, whether their eggs remained in one piece or all over the floor.

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