Decluttering Disorganization at Masuk

 Naturally, students become less and less organized as time progresses throughout the school year. People tend to lose supplies, papers and notes which can cause stress, tension and low grades. It is vital to be organized at school to allow students to thrive and receive the best experience possible this year at Masuk.

Frequently, people struggle with organizing their notes. Sloppy and confusing writing is one way that students can be disorganized. The first method of organization is to label and have separate binders for each class. This allows for easy access to each piece of information that is needed. One tip that would make taking notes significantly easier is highlighting and underlining important information from a text. This way the student doesn’t have to rewrite everything, and they have the information needed. 

Masuks’ new block schedule also allows students an additional day to take the time to do their homework or study for a test. Not only does Masuk have this schedule but with the FLEX period people can now take the time to organize their notes or reach out to teachers for extra help. 

 Another crucial piece of advice for staying on top of work is writing down events, tests and opportunities in an agenda or planner. 

“The one thing that keeps students on top of their work is writing down their assignments instead of relying on memory,” stated Masuk guidance counselor Kathy Kean.

This can limit procrastination because writing assignments down reminds students that they have something to complete. If students don’t do this it is possible that they may forget to complete a task until the last minute, or not do it at all. Kean also says staying well rested is one of the most important tips to staying on top of organization and school work. 

These tips can be used to keep Masuk students in excellent shape for completing assignments and receiving good grades. Following these suggestions can help students flourish throughout the year. 

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