Success, Softball,and Seniors

The scorching sun during May 13’s softball match against skilled Norwich Free Academy of Norwich, Connecticut, was no gift to our Masuk seniors on their annual senior night game. However, a 4-2 win certainly was.

The first inning had Masuk on the field and Norwich batting. With defense and pitching skills from sophomore Julia Bacoulis (6), Norwich players struggled to even reach first base.

However, this did not startle them, and number 12 from Norwich would soon seize the first hit as batter and reach base two on the field. To complete the score in the second inning, player number 3 of Norwich would strike the ball again, allowing number 12 to reach home base, scoring a point for their team.

In the third inning sophomore batter Madison Aguirre (19) had a successful hit, allowing her to sprint for second base.

With assistance from another hit by sophomore batter Julia Bacoulis (6), Aguirre would complete a full run of the field and score Masuk their first point of the morning game, tying the score 1-1.

The rest of the match would fall in favor of Masuk, with sophomore Sofia Lieto (22) batting her way to first base and Aguirre making it home. 

The fifth inning ended with a tying score of Masuk: 2 and Norwich: 2, along with a banged up leg for Norwich player 12 from pitcher Bacoulis.

The game closed with a victorious home run by freshman Grace Ely (10) and Lieto, the two running laps around the field, and Norwich, with a winning score of 4-2.

“I’m really happy!” exclaimed senior Ella Bunovsky. “A lot of our underclassmen really came through which means a lot to me as a senior.”

Fellow senior Izzy Viglione said, “I feel like we came off really strong, we had a lot of energy throughout the game.”

Following the win, festivities for Ella Bunovsky (8) and Izzy Viglione (13) commenced. 

Senior Ella Bunovsky plans to continue her softball career at the University of Rhode Island. 

“I love softball because of the family culture, I have a whole group of friends in school and in college!” she explained. “My teammates are really motivating and my coaches are really helpful.” 

Senior Izzy Viglione will also continue her softball activities at the University of Rhode Island. 

“[Softball] is where I feel most comfortable, where I can just express myself,” Viglione stated, “Winning two state championships and SWC championships are one of my biggest accomplishments ever, and committing to go play at college. After playing [softball] for so long, I’m glad that I can find a school that I love!”

Coach Barone explained that they will be the last group of girls who  missed a season due to COVID-19 three years ago. 

“It’s hard [to let them go] because I’ve only had 3 years with them instead of that four with them in the program, it’s like one year too short,” she said. “I adore both of them, they’re just good kids all around!”

At the end of the game. The two seniors ran around the Masuk softball field one last time and embraced their family, friends and teammates at homebase. 

The 2023 season for the team is reaching its end, however, they plan to compete in SWC’s the Class L State tournament.

Posters and decorations for the seniors.

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