Masuk Models Rock the Runway

On Wednesday evening, Masuk seniors dazzled their audience during this year’s annual Prom Fashion Show. Our school’s very own models walk the runway, or auditorium stage, in groups wearing the best dresses and suits on the market. A stunning display of potential prom outfits, this beloved event serves as the largest fundraiser for Masuk’s Post Prom Party, with students and parents packed into the audience.

Putting on a show of this scale is no small feat, and participants as well as volunteers put in many hours between fittings, rehearsals and set up to make this beloved event possible. Their trendy, unique or classy dresses and suits are lent to the students by vendors such as Giuliana’s Boutique, Winged Monkey, Julie Allen Bridals, David’s Bridal and Camillo Tuxedo Specialist, as a way to showcase their designs.

“I specifically got David’s Bridal located in Orange, CT. I tried on several dresses and finally got my first and second options for both my long and short dresses. We then had two rehearsals where we got assigned our partner we were going to be modeling with, along with practicing our walks and skits,” explained senior Meriam Mensa. “At 4:00 pm all the girls began doing their hair and makeup, and the guys were putting on their suits and getting ready as well. Shoutout to the moms because they were super helpful and encouraging throughout the entire process. Fast forwarding  to 7:30…the crowd was going crazy as the first pair walked in.”

During the event itself, as students took the stage the details, style and brand of their outfits, along with information on the models themselves, were grandly narrated by Mr. Swenson and Ms. Gaber. Audience members can scout out what dresses and suits they might want to wear, as well as celebrate the accomplishments of these exceptional seniors. 

“The night of the show everyone was a little nervous we would mess up on stage, but overall it was a really fun experience. I could tell while I was participating it was something I would remember forever, as a core activity I participated in during high school,” stated senior Chris Tierney.

The second portion of the event, showcasing short dress styles, incorporated skits into the show, with props ranging from paintings to lightsabers. Participants had a lot of fun creating their unique skits, captivating their audience with their theatrics.

“Although a lot of us were nervous since we didn’t have a ton of practice and time to plan skits, we all had a lot of fun. It was really great because it was almost like I got a second prom,” added senior Morgan Vollono. “I would recommend this to anyone even if you aren’t used to being on stage, because you really can’t mess up. It’s all about having fun and of course showing off your dresses.”

This stunning showcase is a chance to scout out some of the best potential prom outfits in the market, as well as show your support for our spectacular seniors. Audience member or model, Masuk’s annual Prom Fashion show is a night to remember, and an event loved by all. 

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