Panthers defeat New Fairfield in Final Home Meet of the Season

This Tuesday, Masuk’s Boys Swim and Dive team won a big 82-61 victory over New Fairfield in Masuk’s final home meet of the season.

New Fairfield knew from the beginning that they would face difficulties during today’s meet. New Fairfield swimmer, Gavin Sebito said, “We’re a small team. This is our last meet before SWC’s so we’re excited. We’re not expecting much but we’re very excited”

“They’re a decent team. We’re ready to see them at SWC states just to see how we’re gonna place with relays and everything,” said Sebito.

On the other hand, Masuk Boys Swim captain, Senior Sam McHugh felt optimistic prior to the meet.

“I’m feeling pretty good. It’s the end of an era for my friends and I, and I’m really stoked for it,” said McHugh.

“I mean it’s the last meet of the season. People have definitely been working harder in practice, myself included. So we’re definitely looking forward to it,” McHugh finished with.

The meet started with multiple victories for Masuk, with a win streak of three events straight (the 200 yard medley, 200 yard freestyle, and the 200 yard IM). On the 50 yard freestyle, New Fairfield was able to pull through a victory in the first heat. Though the sparing victories were not enough to give New Fairfield the overall win.

Masuk swimmer Sam McHugh got first place in the 100 yard butterfly with a time of 1:00.40. The Panthers did not win the 100 yard freestyle with a second place time of 0:55.24 being made by swimmer Riley Sheppard. 

Brendan Kirberger gave Masuk another win in the 500 yard freestyle with a time of 5:19.60. Finally, Masuk got a victory in the 200 yard freestyle relay thanks to Jack McHugh, Kyle Zarkar, Carter Adragna, and Riley Sheppard.

“It was a good victory. My performance was decent. I feel like I could have done better for the team, but it was good overall.” Kirberger said minutes after the meet ending.  

With the end of the Boys Swim season at Masuk, Captain McHugh listed a few names he wanted to specifically shout out for their hard work this season.

“Jayden (Maragh), he’s been working so hard with me. Been working on starts turns, technique, all that. Also Logan (Rodas), Gavin (Gabriel), and a bunch more people. Aiden (El-Sahragty) too. So many people have improved so much.”

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