Masuk Continues Win Streak Against JBWA

Last night Feb. 6, Masuk boys hockey played Joel Barlow/Weston/Abbott Tech (JBWA) to continue their victory streak, winning the game 4-1.

JBWA was quick to set the tone of the game with a goal with 11:37 in the first period. Masuk’s Number 21 Christian Labella attempts to level the score with 10:27. Number 10 Colin Deering has the same idea, and he shoots with 9:31. Yet both shots fall short. 

There are numerous struggles to get a goal in JBWA’s net, but it amounts to no points. Masuk goalie Maddex Lafountain continues to fight back and makes a strong save with 5:37 left. 

With 2:57 left in the first, JBWA’s number 7 is put in the penalty box for cross checking.

Masuk’s goalie, Lafountain, makes yet another great save with 43 seconds remaining.

Right before the buzzer sounds, Kyle Sutfin was put into the penalty box for 2 minutes for elbowing.

The second period shows JBWA is not looking to decrease their efforts just yet. Masuk does not relent either and matches the pace, as JBWA has a nice save by goaltender number 35 with 11:30.

There were numerous attempts to level the score on Masuk’s side. Number 3 Drew Scalia had three consecutive shots within 30 seconds. Colin Deering also took a shot, but it deflected off the crossbar out of the goal.

Drew Scalia takes another shot with 8:49, where the puck deflected and went out of the rink. Number 23 Austin Braiewa shoots with 6:35. Number 11 Nick Kondub follows suit with a shot a few seconds later, yet none of these attempts make it past JBWA’s goaltender.

The efforts of JBWA’s offense are similarly stunted with great defensive plays by Masuk with 6:10.

Scalia attempts to tie it up at the last minute and shoots with 16 seconds remaining in the period.

After the second period, when Masuk is still down 1-0, Head Coach Andrew Townsend says, “We gotta get more shots on net, we need traffic in front which means we get guys up front so the goalie can’t see and we get the rebound.” 

This strategy proved to be effective for the Panthers going into the third period. At the very start of the period, Masuk finds the back of the net as number 2 Kyle Sutfin scores with 13:02. Colin Deering tries to get another goal for Masuk with 11:32.

Masuk began their comeback as another goal was scored by number 15 AJ Michetti with assists from number 10 Colin Deering and number 23 Austin Braiewa.

Numerous attempts to bring the score to 3-1 include shots by number 22 Connor Kehlenbach with 8:30, Drew Scalia with 6:21 and Luke Kondub with 3:34.

Following a timeout, JBWA pulled their goalie allowing Drew Scalia to score on an open goal with 1:18 left in the period. He is put into the penalty box almost immediately after.

Lafountain saves an attempt from JBWA to regain control with 15 seconds remaining in the game.

Number 19 Alex May scores with 7.7 seconds remaining in the game. Masuk continues their win streak yet again.

Their next game is against Watertown-Pomperaug on Wednesday, Feb. 8th. 

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