Masuk Blows the Hawks Out of the Nest

On Wednesday, February 1, Masuk boys hockey faced rival Newtown NightHawks at the Shelton Rinks. With a score of 6-1, bringing their current record to 11-1, the Masuk Panthers took the victory. 

The game started off slow, with neither side scoring for the entirety of the first period. However, foreshadowing the events that would take place in the second period, the puck was on the side of the Panthers for the majority of the first period.

Junior Christian Palmieri getting ready for a face-off.

In the second period, Masuk broke the curse of the slow game. With 6:26 seconds left in the period, senior Drew Scalia, assisted by junior Nick Kodub, led Masuk with the first goal of the night. 

Masuk continued to get shots in with senior AJ Michetti scoring Masuk’s second goal, assisted by senior Kyle Sutfin with 4:38 left in the second period. But Masuk did not stop there.

A mere 13 seconds later, sophomore Christian LaBella scored the third goal for Masuk assisted by Michetti and Sutfin. 

Finishing off the action-packed period with 3:17 left, Scalia, unassisted, scored his second of the night, putting the Hawks in a 4-0 deficit. 

The Panthers were able to go from a scoreless first period, to a four goal second period within a matter of minutes. Scalia said, “Going into the first intermission we knew that we just needed to score one goal and destroy their confidence and the flood gates would open. Once we potted the first goal we know that we would follow it up with a few more.”

Senior Drew Scalia on the ice.

With a hopeful third period for Masuk, Newtown’s defense continued to struggle to stop the Panther’s offense. With 4:52 seconds left in the third, LaBella scored his second of the night, assisted once again by Michetti and Sutfin. 

Late in the third, both Newtown and Masuk both put one on the board. Scoring his third of the night, Scalia scored Masuk’s sixth goal, assisted by junior Max Laroche. 

Newtown, finally able to break the Panthers defense, scored their only goal of the night with 1:20 left on the clock. 

Mr. Townsend praised the Panther’s defense and ability to keep Newtown scoreless for the majority of the night: “I thought James Cybart and Connor Ewald both played a strong game on defense. Maddex LaFountain made the necessary stops he had to.”

Senior Austin Braiewa defending.

The next game will be against McMahon-Norwalk Friday, February 3rd away at Sono Ice House. 

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