Weston Takes a “W” Against Masuk Boys Swim

On Tuesday, January 31st, Masuk Boys Swim lost a battle to tough competitor Weston. Going into the meet, Masuk had a record of three wins and two losses, while Weston had three wins and only one loss.

“We were going into it thinking that it would be close,” says sophomore swimmer Brendan Kirberger.

The meet started off with the 200 Medley Relay, where Weston stole first but Masuk trailed closely behind. In lane four, Masuk’s Jack McHugh, Carter Adragna, Samuel McHugh and Riley Sheppard claimed second by a difference of 1.24 seconds. Masuk also took third place, with swimmers Keller Hall, Owen Smith, Jacob Urkawich and Kyle Zarkar in lane two.

The next event, the 200 Freestyle, had a similar result. Weston took first place, but Masuk’s Kirberger and Alexander Malecki secured second and third, respectively. 

Masuk continued the pattern of taking second place throughout most of the events, while Weston consistently held strong with getting first. By also taking third place, Masuk managed to stay close behind Weston early into the meet. But, as the meet progressed, Weston began to gain a lead.

“The other team was really good. They put down a lot of really good performances that I didn’t expect,” Malecki stated after the meet.

In the seventh event, the 100 Freestyle, Sheppard took second place 2.14 seconds after Weston took first. Weston also managed to secure third, beating Zarkar by a close 0.61 seconds. At this point, Weston was 10 points ahead with a score of 44-34.

By the tenth event, Weston had increased their lead to twenty points. They only extended this throughout the rest of the meet. In the eleventh event, the 100 Breaststroke, Weston once again managed to take places first and third. Adragna took second place 1.2 seconds after first, with a time of 1:03.79. In lane two and six, Masuk swimmers Owen Smith and Jack Cross respectively took fourth and fifth.

“The other team performed really well. They had a few really good swimmers that are probably gonna be D1. They destroyed us,” finished Kirberger.

The meet ended with a win for Weston and a final score of 97-73. While the boys didn’t manage to secure a win this time, they will have another chance at their next meet on Tuesday, February 7th at Masuk High School, where they will face Newtown Boys Swim.

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