Masuk Ice Hockey Continues Win Streak Against Staples

On Saturday January 21, the Masuk boys hockey team faced off against Staples in a well fought win of 6-2. 

The first period started off with the puck being pushed back and forth between the two teams as each struggled to be the first to score. Ultimately, Masuk’s number 3 Drew Scalia was able to get a goal six minutes into the period with assists from James Cybart and Austin Braiewa. 

Staples was quick to retaliate three minutes later with a goal to put the score at 1-1. 

Number 12 from Staples attempted to bring them into the lead, but this shot was saved by Masuk goalie Maddex Lafountain. 

Number 2 Kyle Sutfin from Masuk broke the tie with two minutes remaining in the period. 

Number 11 Nick Kondub goes for another goal, but is saved by Staples goalie. Just about a minute later he goes for a breakaway, however this attempt is blocked. 

The second period brought even more action than the first. Almost immediately following the start of the period, Lafountain saved an attempt from Staples to tie up the game. 

A shot by Number 24 Luke Kondub is saved by the Staples goalie. Another shot, this time from Kyle Sutfin, was also saved within the first minute, keeping the score 2-1 Masuk. 

At 12:26, Staples manages to get the puck into the net, but the goal gets moved in the process and the score remains the same. 

In the next few minutes, Masuk racks up three shots from Nick Kondub, Christian Palmieri and AJ Michetti. None of these attempts made it past Staples’ goaltender. 

Shots from Staples are also saved by Masuk’s goalie with eight minutes remaining in the period. The lack of action from both sides was broken by Luke Kondub, with a goal assisted by Nick Kondub at 3:37.

Number 10 Colin Deering brings Masuk to a lead of 4-1 with a minute left in the second period. 

Head coach Andrew Townsend gave insight into the strategy going forward, stating, “We want to keep doing what we’re doing, get a lot of shots on net and be smart defensively.” 

The third period kicked off with a shot from Masuk’s number 21 Christian Labella. Some great defending on Masuk’s part keeps a goal away from Staples’s reaches as they struggle to regain control of the game.

Three minutes later, Number 12 from Staples gets a breakaway, but quick defending by Masuk keeps the puck out of the net. 

There was limited action within the next few minutes, and Luke Kondub was put into the penalty box for two minutes. 

AJ Michetti assisted a goal to Kyle Sutfin with 4:02 remaining in the period, breaking the streak of no points being scored.

Staples attempted to upset Masuk’s lead with a goal from Number 11 with a minute left in the game. 

Not even thirty seconds later, Kyle Sutfin gets himself a hat trick with a goal to bring Masuk to a 6-2 win. 

Masuk looks to keep their win streak going against East Haven in an away game on Wednesday January 25.

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