Masuk Girls Basketball Team Victorious Once Again

On Tuesday, the Masuk girls’ basketball team played a home game at Masuk High School against the Notre Dame Lancers, winning with a score of 37-32.

Going into the game, Maia Ventresca, a senior on the team, shared that “It’s always a good competition when we play them, and over the past few years they’ve had really good players that go D1 and all of that, so coming into this game we just wanted to win.” 

The game started off tough for Masuk with the Lancers scoring a plethora of points early on in the game. The girls rebutted with a ton of ball movement and yelling of plays to each other across the court. Grace Kearney and Bailey Bajda each tried for multiple baskets but were unable to score any points. Halfway through the first quarter, Sofia Lieto scored a 2-point basket, which was followed by additional ball movement between all players of the team. Natalie Lieto consistently got rebounds off of her team’s basket, as well as the other team’s basket, in order to gain possession of the ball for her team. Hannah Fagan scored one more two-point basket for the girls and Bajda went one for two in free throw shots before the end of the quarter, but the girls were unable to score any more points before the quarter ended. They went into quarter two with Notre Dame having a sizable lead on them, with a score of 13 to 5.

Quarter 2 opened with a quick 3-point shot from Olivia Garrity, which was followed by two two-point shots. One of these shots was scored by Garrity and the other was scored by N. Lieto. The girls continued with consistent ball movement among the players on the court, as well as getting many rebounds off of both baskets. This was quickly followed by a 3-point basket from N. Lieto, who followed her basket by getting a multitude of rebounds. After the teams went back and forth for a bit, without either team scoring many points, Kearney scored another two-point basket for Masuk. Just as the quarter ended at the sound of the buzzer, the other team quickly made a two-point shot, making the scores much closer at halftime, with a score of 22 to 19, the Lancers still winning.

At the start of quarter 3, Masuk made many quick passes among their teammates, moving the ball around the court as much as possible. This led to Bajda scoring a 2-point basket, which was followed by multiple shot attempts from her, but she was unable to make them. Fagan quickly came through with another two-point basket for the team, followed by lots of passing between N. Lieto and Breyan, and N. Lieto and Garrity getting many rebounds off of the basket. As the team continued their ball movement, Bajda made an additional two-point shot at the end of the quarter, bringing the score to 26-25; a close match with the Lancers in the lead.

 The final quarter opened with N. Lieto getting consistent rebounds off of both baskets, and Ventresca going two for two in free throw shots. The team attempted a variety of shots among players but were unable to score as the other team was playing strong defense. Through their constant ball movement, the girls were able to score four more points after Bajda went two for two in free throw shots, and Fagan made a two-point basket. The girls continued to move the ball among players and throughout the court, with lots of rebounds from Garrity, who quickly made a basket off of one of the rebounds she intercepted, scoring a two-point shot. This was followed by Bajda scoring an additional two-point basket, with two minutes and fifty seconds left on the clock. The girls continued with their constant ball movement and continued to receive rebounds off of both baskets. With less than 22 seconds left, Ventresca went two for two in free throw shots, making the final score of the game 37 to 32 Masuk. Ventresca commented on their scoring in the match saying, “Our ability to drive the ball is probably our biggest strength because once we get it into the paint we either draw the foul or make the bucket.”

After the game Ventresca shared that she attributed their win to the practice they had the previous day, saying, “We had a really good practice where we focused a lot, and so I think going into today’s game we had a really good focus and a really good mindset, and everything we did in practice translated on the court.” 

 The girls will play again on Jan. 20 at an away game against Pomperaug. 

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