Masuk Hockey Takes Win Over Wilton Warriors

On Saturday, January 14th, the Masuk boys hockey team faced off against the Wilton Warriors at the Shelton Rinks.

The game started with a quick goal from Masuk’s number 11 Nick Kondub within the third minute of the first period. Assisted by number 19 Alex May, the Panthers were quick to take up the lead.

Nearly a minute later, number 12 from Wilton was administered a penalty for roughing.  

Masuk was proving to be a tough match for the Warriors with another goal from number 10 Colin Deering to close out the first period. Masuk led Wilton 2-0, with nine shots on goal for Masuk and five for Wilton. 

Beginning the second period, number 2 Kyle Sutfin put the Panthers up 3-0 with assists from number 15 AJ Michetti and number 21 Christian Labella. With ten minutes left in the period, Nick Kondub is put in the penalty box for elbowing. A few minutes later, Wilton’s number 24 is given the same two minute sentence for tripping. 

Fresh off the penalty, Nick Kondub assisted another Masuk goal to number 24 Luke Kondub, bringing the score to 4-0. 

Wilton gets a great opportunity to put them on the scoreboard, but when the puck hits the net the goal is moved from its place, nullifying the goal and keeping the Panthers unchallenged. 

Masuk was quick to retaliate with a goal from Christian Labella assisted by AJ Michetti and Austin Braiewa. 

Ending the second period, the score was 5-0 Masuk. Masuk had ten shots on goal and Wilton had managed to get two. Despite the lead the Panthers had kept over the Warriors, head coach Andrew Townsend was expecting more from his team.

“They know how we want them to play, and they have to go out and execute it. The second period was better than the first, but we’re hoping for more smart hockey and to execute our systems and to play the way we need to play to be successful in the season.”

Starting the third period, Masuk’s Colin Deering was given a two minute penalty for tripping. 

Less than a minute later, Nick Kondub was given the opportunity to get another point for Masuk with a penalty shot. The Wilton goaltender was able to keep the puck out of the net and the score remained 5-0.

Two minutes into the period, a penalty was given to Masuk’s number 3 Drew Scalia for roughing, and Colin Deering served another two minutes as well.

Townsend proved to be right about the Panthers playing down to their competition as the Wilton Warriors were able to get a goal seven minutes into the period. This shot brought the score to 5-1. 

The glory wore off soon as number 16 was forced to serve time in the penalty box for Wilton having too many men on the ice. 

Eight minutes into the period, Luke Kondub serves a penalty for tripping. 

The eventful third period was closed out with a goal from Christian Labella, assisted by AJ Michetti. The last few minutes were hard fought on Wilton’s side, but ultimately Masuk took the win. 

Next time Masuk plays will be against Northeastern on Monday January 16th at 1:00 p.m.

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