Masuk Panthers defeat BBD Wildcats

On Wednesday, January 11 the 3-1 Masuk Panthers hockey team took the ice to face the 3-3 Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury (BBD) Wildcats. With both teams nearly neck and neck in total points for the Division III standings, this was a big game for both sides. 

BBD got off to a hot start, scoring in the first minute of the game, along with another follow-up goal six minutes into the period. This lead was neutralized by back-to-back Masuk goals scored with four minutes and three minutes remaining in the first period, first by Luke Kondub and second by AJ Michetti. Key saves were made by both teams goalies towards the end of the period, and the score remained 2-2.  

Quickly into the second quarter Senior Drew Scalia scored a highlight reel bar down shot to put the Panthers up 3-2 out of the intermission. “After I shot it, the player that was attempting to block the shot got in my way so I couldn’t see the net, and just heard the crossbar but then I heard the cheering and knew it went in.” 

BBD was able to quickly respond with a fast break goal a minute later, equalizing the game once more. This lead was short lived with the addition of Nick Kondub and Kyle Sutfin’s goals that came with 4 and 1 minute remaining in the second period. Those tandem of goals towards the end of the second period put Masuk up 5-3, in the game. 

The final period the Panthers dominated both in the attack and the defense. AJ Michetti started with his goal a mere minute into the third period followed by goals from Drew Scalia with nine minutes remaining, Michetti again with a goal half way through the period, and a final cherry on top goal scored by Kondub. BBD ended strong with a goal towards the waning minutes of the game, making the final score 9-4. 

The Panthers next game is Saturday, January 14, 8:45 p.m. at home.

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