Can You Eat Turkey With the Tree Up?

There is a lot of controversy in the Masuk halls over whether you can eat Thanksgiving dinner with the Christmas tree up or if Christmas should wait till its respectable season.Winter is known for its freezing temperatures and seasonal depression that come with the transition of seasons. Christmas on the other hand is known for its cheer and magical season. Should the Masuk population start celebrating the Christmas season before Thanksgiving?

During Thanksgiving season we can easily catch ourselves listening to our favorite Christmas tunes in the car. Yet senior Isabelle Lee can not join in, on the Christmas joy before the traditional Thanksgiving feast,

“No, because Thanksgiving comes first and by setting up Christmas before Thanksgiving you are rushing through November and you can not give thanks while spending quality family time with the ones you love.” Lee is on one side of the Thanksgiving argument as she truly believes that both holidays deserve their respective times to be celebrated. 

Senior Sana Sarr does not believe in saving Christmas for post Thanksgiving’s date, “There is no Thanksgiving music so Christmas music by default gets bumped up by 3 weeks at least.” 

There is a strong agreement throughout Masuk over Thanksgiving receiving its traditional time, leaving both seasons to be celebrated separately. Junior Santiago Rodriguez is also not a part of the before Thanksgiving fan club,“I’m tired of everything being before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving would make more sense especially in terms of Mariah Carey.” Rodriguez said we should stick to clogging our ears with Carey post turkey day. 

Eric Giordano, a Masuk staff member, has also criticized those who seem to forget a holiday,

 “You can’t rush Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday due to all the football. Why would you rush through one party to get to the next? Why don’t we rush through Christmas to get to New Years?” Giordano has a valid point as the population never rushes through the Christmas season. Rather we try to stretch it out as much as we can so why rush through another valid holiday. 

Senior Scarlett Darby is not a fan of Thanksgiving as a whole: “I think that Thanksgiving is a strange holiday, that we should not be celebrating. Everything that you can gain for Thanksgiving and that Thanksgiving ‘stands’ for can be found within the December holiday season.” Darby, originally from England, is not a fan of this national holiday due to its unfamiliar nature from her home walls.

Alternatively Chris Bouton, a sophomore at Masuk, feels very strongly about the Christmas season.

“Thanksgiving is a day, Christmas is a season. I sing Christmas carols all year round. I’m always in the Christmas spirit. I’m always so happy the holiday season is finally here.” Therefore Bouton argues that you can start the Christmas season prior to Thanksgiving, still celebrate Thanksgiving Day and then continue with your Christmas spirit. 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and Christmas only 27 days away, it’s time for this year’s winter holiday season. Students are still questioning if setting up the tree prior to devouring turkey and stuffing is the correct thing to do, but the majority seems to be in agreement that Thanksgiving and Christmas deserve their respective times.

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