Masuk Boys Cross Country finished their season with their fastest times

Masuk boys varsity and junior varsity cross country teams ran their fastest at SWC’s. They pushed themselves to their limit at most of their last meet of the season. 

Going up against all towns in the conference, Masuk boys put up a good fight, however they ultimately ended up not placing well. The boys were led by Junior Jacob Urkawich with a time of 20 minutes 25 seconds. Junior Jackson Rader placed second for Masuk with a time of 20 minutes 30 seconds. Many other Masuk runners were close behind him.  

At this meet the boys finishing times ranged from 16 minutes to 26 minutes. Masuk may not have placed well, but when asked before the meet about team expectations, Jonathan Ganino said, “ I think many of the varsity runners will run a 21 minute 5k today. My goal for the team today is to not get last.” 

Junior Anish Sharma was more hopeful than Ganino, he said, 

“I think that our team has a lot of grit and determination but sadly we lack the natural physical talent that is required in this sport. We’ve lost almost every meet but I think our talent will overcome it, I think we will be a middle of the pack team today.” 

During the race the Masuk also pushed their limits and ran their fastest at this meet. Sharma said, “It’s going to be a tough course but we are shooting for the stars at this meet.” 

As the season progressed and came to its end for most of the team, Coach Strotz voiced that, “I think that the season went really well, but I think that the season started off a little slower than it should have. But all of our boys have shown improvement from the first race to the last race. Especially today, the top 7 guys all ran personal records ” 

Strotz voiced his goals for the next season, “ I think we will do really well, we are losing our captains Shane Dauk and Owen Smith, and other seniors. But we have a lot of young underclassmen who have done a really good job and show a lot of potential. We also have good leadership in Jacob Urkawich and Jonathan Ganino coming back with Jackson Radar and Keller Hall. I think we will be fine for next year.”

Overall the Masuk boys cross country exceed their expectations and are hopeful for the future. The top seven runners from Masuk will be running once more at Class States on Saturday, October, 29th.  

Sharma and Ganino after the race

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