Masuk Hands a Big Loss to Barlow

Last night, the Masuk Field Hockey team faced Joel Barlow in a game that would solidify them as a true powerhouse on the field. It was an event filled game with heated competition from both sides.

Junior Aoife Riordan and Senior Libby McHugh are all smiles before the game.

Following a loss to Immaculate at their previous away game, Masuk attempted to respond with a win against Barlow the following game and maintain their stellar record.

The match started slow with several trips to both goals and a major drive upfield by Senior Amelia Logan who was supported by Senior Ella Bunovsky and Junior Emma Cusa. Although there was no score in the first quarter the defense battled Barlow away in the backfield as they attempted to score. This opening to the match set the stage for a very tight game between the two schools as they raced to each end of the field with no goals and several defensive plays.

Juniors Anastasia Tsichlas and Emma Cusa intercept the ball from Barlow.

In the second quarter, the Masuk offense and midfield did a very good job keeping the ball contained in Barlow’s territory as they made several attempts at the goal. Near the back half of the quarter, Senior Amelia Logan smashed the ball in for a goal with a breakaway drive to the end of the field. This goal capped the half off with Masuk leading by one.

It appeared as if Barlow was attempting to deliver a goal to tie the game off in the opening plays of the third quarter however Masuk was able to respond with a solid block in goal by substitute goalie, Senior Rachel Rienoso. Yet again, the ball was kept in Barlow’s end with Masuk doing an excellent job keeping the ball away from their own goal. The teams got into a tense fight over midfield near the end of the third resulting in many potential, yet unscored goals for Masuk. By the end of the third quarter there were no scores from either side keeping Masuk leading by one to zero.

To conclude the matchup, the fourth quarter opened with a back and forth rally to the Barlow goal and back to Masuk’s; however Barlow’s momentum was cut short by a nice block in goal with only two minutes left on the clock. In a big play, Senior Molly Halliday drove the ball up to the Barlow goal and drilled it in the goal with only 30 seconds left

Junior Anastasia Tsichlas fights for possession.

When asked why the team has had continued success, team captain and Senior Molly Halliday said “I think we have been working really hard at practice all week for this game and that’s what really paid off, I think it really showed on the field our bond as a team.” Conveying a clear relationship between her teammates as well as a common goal and drive within practice as well as their games.

This victory certainly felt good for the team with team captain and Senior Amelia Logan stating “I think we really have a chance this year at SWCs and States.” The team possesses a clear vision for the remainder of the season with high hopes for the future.

The Masuk student section watches on with pride.

Whether this season continues into the SWC and State’s competitions will be seen in the near future however all of Masuk will be eager to watch on.

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