The Masuk Boys Soccer Team Takes on Weston in a Slippery First Game of the Season

Though the weather was rocky, the boys soccer team persevered, beginning a match against Weston at 7 o’clock on Tuesday. Their coach, Brendan Cavanaugh, stated that “With the wet surfaces, this game is definitely going to be a challenge”. He added that with the rain having just stopped, there are puddles of standing water on the field; an additional obstacle the team must face.  He shared that the team was very excited going into the game, having spent the summer preparing for their season. The coach, as well as the team, studied and rewatched old gameplay tapes, hoping to improve their gameplay and strategy. When talking to Owen Correll, one of the juniors on the team, he shared that the team was a bit nervous, as Weston was the winner of SWC’s last year, and was the best team in the league. Though this game seemed like a daunting match, the team remained strong and confident, preparing for the challenges they would face.

Going into the game, Cavanaugh says that the midfield group, made up of Tristan Pike, Kasper Murzinski, and senior captain Roger Fekete, was the team’s strong point. As the game began, Masuk started off the game strong, stealing the ball a multitude of times from the other team. A great save from Chris Simoulidis, a senior goalkeeper, had the game off to a great start. The game continued, with Owen Correll, Ryan Terkildsen, and Cole Rigby making great attempts at earning a goal throughout the first half. Unfortunately for Masuk, though they had a plethora of fantastic saves from Chris and other players, Weston managed to score two goals by halftime.

Remaining strong and determined, Masuk began the second half with gusto, starting with Chris making fantastic saves at the goal, and the rest of the team making fluid passes to each other. Kasper, David, Owen, Cole, and Tristan put their all into defense, stealing the ball from the other team whenever they could. While the team strengthened their defense, they still ensured that they were making great offensive attempts at goal. Daniel Heinrich, a junior, and Riley O’Donnell, a senior captain, put their all into stealing the ball and attempting to score. Though many team members gained minor injuries near the end of the game due to the slippery turf and questionable conduct from the other team, they pushed through, putting everything they could into the game and their team.  Unfortunately, though the team was able to prevent any further scoring from Weston in the second half, they were unable to score any goals.

Though it was a crushing defeat for the team, the players remain optimistic, hoping to better themselves for future games. During an interview with Owen Correll after the game, he shares that Weston played exactly as they expected, and though they played strong, they could still better their strategy and play as a team. When asked how they plan to prepare and improve for future games, Owen says they’ll start having “more intense practices” and better their teamwork. He adds that “compared to last year, we are very united”. He hopes that in the future they can get closer and stronger as a team. He ends with an optimistic approach, saying, “Next game’s Thursday, I think we can bounce back from this with a win.” Best of luck to the team on their next game on Thursday, let’s go cheer them on!

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