Girls Volleyball Start Off the Season

On September 8, 2022, Masuk girls Volleyball started off their season against Trumbull High School. The ladies started off strong, winning the first two points, as Sophomore Laura Micu scored a service ace. The first set remained close early on, with Junior Tolu Olatinwo coming up with big blocks. 

As Trumbull began to gain a lead on Masuk, Junior and lead scorer, Sammy Sullivan, regained the girls energy with a crucial block towards the end of the first set. Even though Masuk was down by 10 points, Sophomore Laura Micu brought down the hammer with an impressive spike. Despite the hard fought first set, Masuk went down 25-15, as they began the second set. 

The second set started off rough, as Trumbull took a very early lead. As the Trumbull lead expanded early in the second, Sammy Sullivan caught fire, and Masuk caught momentum, beginning to catch back up. Originally down 22-9, Masuk scored 6 times in a row, shrinking Trumbulls lead to 7. However, the eagles cut down Masuks comeback and won the set 25-15. 

Fighting a battle of first to five, the Masuk girls prepared for the game point, as the teams switched sides. The third and final set started well for the girls, as the ladies gained a lead for the first time since the beginning of the game. They got up 8-5 early, but their lead slipped away with some unfortunate blocks. After a very tough battle, the girls went down 25-21 in the third and final set. While they did lose the game, they showed the grit and true talent the team possesses. 

Sophomore team manager Riyaan Kothari says “Our girls played a mighty fine game, they put up a strong fight. Jv persevered in the end, but our Varsity struggled. Trumbull’s one of our biggest rivals and they really pushed through in the end and took the win but I personally think our team has a lot of promise, and a lot of talent. Our varsity team has players with a lot of experience, and the girls are going to turn up tomorrow against Ridgefield.”

What should be an exciting matchup, Masuk’s girls volleyball team looks very promising, and there are high hopes for the season. Make sure to cheer on your girls as the season carries on.

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