Masuk Girls Soccer Starts the Season with a Win

On Thursday, September 8, 2022, Masuk Girls Soccer played their first game of the season against Bethel high school. The game ended 2-1 Masuk but it was a tough game. They were equally matched at the start of the game with having 50/50 possession of the ball. Masuk’s midfield was untouchable and their defense was unbreakable. But Masuk was playing a very physical game and the ref called fouls against Masuk within the first few minutes. 

Masuk stayed strong and defended against the free kicks and made combo plays until Sophomore Sami Dube scored the first goal of the season. After she scored the game became more physical on both teams and Bethel tried to tie the game back up. Soon after Dube scored Bethel received another free kick but this kick ended up injuring Masuk’s goalie Elissa Campos, grade 12. As a result of this Marise Klutch, grade 11, was subbed into goalie. Klutch never plays goalie but you wouldn’t have been able to tell from watching the game. But without Campos off the field, Bethel slowly began to take control of the game. The ref called many fouls against Masuk, giving Bethel more free kicks than they deserved, but Klutch saved almost every shot until one free kick when Bethel scored. 

After the first half, Masuk came back strong, but the game was getting increasingly more physical as the ref lost control of the game. Masuk kept the ball in Bethel’s half, but the ref kept calling fouls against Masuk and almost none against Bethel, although Bethel deserved some. Not 10 minutes into the second half, a Bethel player collided with the new goalie, Devon Kreiner, grade 10, causing a head injury and making her leave the game. The Bethel player received a yellow card for injuring the goalie. With this Klutch went back into goal and Masuk struggled to regain possession of the ball. Toward the end of the game, both teams were getting increasingly aggressive trying to score a goal before the clock ran out. Just in the nick of time, Brianna VanDerheyden scored a beautiful goal, making the score 2-1. 

Overall Masuk played a wonderful game despite many injuries and a potentially biased ref. Erin Davis a Junior said, “ The first half was really rough but at the end, we came together as a team. We all played so well together, we are good at cheering each other on.”  

We all cannot wait to see how the season goes for Masuk Girls Soccer, and we expect great things. Their next game is Saturday, September 10, 2022, it is sure to be as exciting as this game was. 

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