Masuk Field Hockey Slays the Green Dragons

The Masuk Field Hockey team started off a spectacular season last night with a big win, crushing Hamden in a 7-0 match. Starting of the game the team came in strong with fantastic passes down the field from senior captains Izzy Viglione, Molly Halliday, and Ella Bunovsky and three goals in the first quarter from Ella and Molly. This was a great game for Molly Halliday who made lots of great shots at the goal as well as great passes to her fellow players throughout the game. She scored a total of three goals, one with the help of Ella in the first half of the game, bringing the game to a score of 4-0. Fantastic blocking at the center line from senior Mia Alderman and great blocking of the goal from Junior Valerie Vilca prevented the other team from getting close to our goal for the majority of the game.

The team started off the second half of the game strong with another quick goal from captains Ella Bunovsky and Molly Halliday. Izzy followed this great play with multiple blocks from sideline hits to assist the team in more attempts at the goal, resulting in yet another goal for Ella. With blocks from senior Talia Barnhart and Junior Anna Tsichlas the team continued their great gameplay, allowing for Ella and Molly to obtain the seventh point. The team ended the final quarter with great blocks and steals of the ball from seniors Izzy and Molly and junior Sophie Clark, ensuring that Hamden didn’t score any last-minute goals before the final buzzer sounded.

This was a fantastic start to the year for the team and a great glimpse into what the future holds for them. Senior Ella Bunovsky shares that she went into this game very excited to play her “last first game” with the team and explains how the team has been practicing hard to ensure a win tonight. After playing Hamden last year and scoring four points, Ella says that the team really wanted to “bring the energy” to the match tonight. Talking to her after the game, she was thrilled with the results and says that she had a blast playing with the team, hoping to continue to better the team’s communication skills to make them even stronger and better as the season ensues. We’re so excited to see the team take on the Shelton Gaels Saturday at 11! Congratulations to the field hockey team on their win!

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