Masuk’s Second Annual Senior Barbecue Kicks Off the School Year

Masuk has always loved to appreciate our seniors in any way we can. Yesterday, the Masuk PTC organized a barbeque for our beloved seniors. It took place on the middle field at Masuk and had loads of food and fun to offer. Many students enjoyed the yard games like cornhole, as well as the numerous raffles. 

Celebrations like this are what keep the senior school spirit strong, something incredibly important to the Masuk community. 

“It’s for the seniors to just kind of come together at the beginning of the school year and kick off the school year.” Steven Swensen comments. 

Swensen and Ian Lowell began grilling around 11:30, so the food was ready for the seniors right out of last period. They had hotdogs, hamburgers, and basically everything you would want for the perfect barbeque. Food wasn’t the only highlight however. Many games were set up and enjoyed throughout the event. Susanne Schibi set up a volleyball game down on the field. Students also enjoyed cornhole, can jam, and exciting raffle prizes.

Senior Ella Bunovsky said, “I really enjoyed playing the various yard games with my friends and definitely had fun.”

Caroline Wittenauer said, “I’m glad they organized it this year. It was nice to have all the seniors come together and be outside at the beginning of the school year.”

The Masuk PTC sponsored the event, and they are the ones who made everything possible. They brought the paper utensils, rented the grill, and hired the DJ. They are the reason that Masuk’s class of 2023 got to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with their peers with good food and fun games. We hope to keep this tradition alive for many years to come. 

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