Hit the Books, Not the Floor

The month of May was big for the world of literature. Dozens of readers’ most anticipated reads for 2022 hit the shelves in summer style, with more to follow this month. Prepare to have your summer booked till September: here are some of the top recommendations from around the book community.

Popular author of “The Folk of Air” series, Holly Black, debuted her first stunning adult novel on May 3. Bursting at the seams with magic and intrigue, as well as a sinister undertone we’ve come to expect from Black, this book sucks you into the shadows and spits you back out. “Holly Black’s writing has left a huge impression on me,” comments 2021 Masuk graduate, Bella Dellapoali. “Having been an avid reader my entire life, her ability to so easily capture her audience’s attention with such descriptive fictional worlds made my love for reading only grow more.” Already a New York Times bestseller, “Book of Night” explores the world of Charlie Hall’s past and present intermingled. Wrought with lies, murder, and supernatural creatures, we will follow Charlie through the world of shadows and uncertainty. 

Modern classic “We Were Liars” finally gets a prequel, plunging us deeper into the history of the family Sinclair. Another summer, another generation of lies and secrets. A psychological shock to the senses, “Family of Liars” truly makes the Sinclairs unforgettably dysfunctional. E. Lockhart once again tests the boundaries of young adult psychological thrillers and what it means to be wealthy and white in America. 

Contemporary adult sensation, Emily Henry, takes us on another romantic adventure. Her newest release, “Book Lovers”, is everything an avid reader could wish for. Literary agent, Nora Stephens, and moody editor, Charlie Lastra, meet by chance in small town North Carolina. These characters are being praised for their originality and love story that makes them swoon: “I’m already convinced Emily Henry personally writes to me in her books and this book just proved it. This book is made for book lovers by a book lover. And it is especially made for the older sister who has a younger sister,” wrote the popular booktoker, Aymanbooks in a Goodreads review. Thrown together by a series of coincidences brought about by a sisters’ trip, the two may find that neither of them is as boring as they seem to one another.

It started with a kiss. Casey McQuiston comes back with another contemporary romcom. “I Kissed Shara Wheeler ” follows Chloe Green, new girl and future valedictorian, as well as three unlikely friends. All kissed by mysterious Shara Wheeler, they will try to figure out the secrets behind the stationary notes. McQuiston has a recent history of writing funny, inspiring LGBTQ+ romances perfect for the summer. “I read ‘Red White and Royal Blue’ this summer and it was such a lighthearted, fun book. Casey McQuiston’s writing has such a comforting, warm feeling to it and I can’t wait to read more of their books,” says Vibhuti Jani, sophomore McQuiston fan. 

From the author of the popular release “Today Tonight Tomorrow”, comes a collegiate Groundhog Day twist. When Barrett Bloom finds she is stuck in her disastrous first day of college she feels all is lost. Until she finds Miles, her physics nemesis, who has also been stuck in time, but for months. “I really like Rachel Lynn Solomon. Her writing is really easy for anyone to understand, but also just flows well so it keeps you interested,” says sophomore, Erin Davis. “I recently read ‘Today Tonight Tomorrow’ by her and as someone who isn’t necessarily crazy about reading, I finished the book within a couple days. She creates characters that are imperfect and real which is also why I really enjoy reading her books.” With romance intertwined, “See You Yesterday” borders on science fiction that will dazzle you as much as your traditional picks.

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