The Not-So Gilded Glamor

The Gilded Age: The time period from the 1870s to the early 1900s, consisting of elegant balls, bountiful dresses, and a regency-core style distinct to its era. If you’ve checked nearly any social media or news platform in the past 72 hours, you would know the public has created a commotion over this year’s Met Gala theme, and our celebrities’ representations of it. It’s been an issue in the past that the stars in attendance of this prestigious event do not reflect the dress code theme, and many say that this year, this statement holds true. Starting out with a bang, the beautiful Blake Lively certainly made a statement with her unforgettable dress. Complete with an outfit change on the red carpet, Lively’s dress will be one for the history books. The dress she started out with had rose gold and blush pink tones, sparkling with the colors of a sunset just before it disappears beneath the horizon. It was a notably stunning design from Versace even before the grand reveal. The eye-catching dress dropped jaws as Lively unpinned its layers and revealed the spectacular aqua detailing, exposing a pair of matching gloves as well. As for the theme, this dress certainly emanated “Gilded Glamor”, its final form being a fantastical ball gown, complete with a modern touch of bright color.

Another notably on theme outfit of the night belonged to singer Billie Eilish. Dressed in a traditional gown, you could take her straight off the page of a history book. Coming from a usually very casually dressed Billie, this look didn’t quite suit her character, but it certainly fit the theme. Onto a very controversial look, the unmistakable Kim Kardashian arrived at the Met Gala on Monday night sporting a long, gold, and sequined bodycon dress, belonging to the one and only Marilyn Monroe. A 1950s and 1960s icon, Marilyn Monroe certainly was not a figure of the late 1800s, so many believe this to be off-theme by a longshot. Not only did the dress not reflect any sort of “Gilded Glamor”, or reference the Gilded Age at all, but many consider it an act of disrespect to the deceased star. Another disappointing appearance, in terms of fashion, would be actress and comedian Amy Schumer. Displaying a long, black, trench-coat looking dress, Schumer’s designer seems to have interpreted the theme in a very unique way. There was certainly nothing gilded or glamorous about Schumer’s plain, button-clad dress, and I hope that next year, celebrities and their designers decide to take the theme a little more glamorously. 

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