Masuk Girls JV Softball Ends the Season with a Win

The Masuk Girls JV Softball team had their last game of the season on Saturday against Bethel High School. Following the 17-0 win of the varsity team, the Junior Varsity team did not fail to live up to the expectation, pulling out a 10-7 win over Bethel.
Masuk started off weak with their starting pitcher being injured, and since the fill-in pitcher sophomore Angela King, hadn’t pitched since 8th grade. Even with a pitcher who hadn’t pitched two years, Masuk didn’t let it slow their stride. After getting used to pitching again King dominated her pitches, and Bethel didn’t know what to do. King kept striking out the Bethel players, and those who got a hit were quickly dealt with by the Masuk outfielders. While no Masuk players scored a home run, Masuk was able to secure a lead over Bethel in the later innings. By the last inning Masuk had a three run lead over Bethel and they had lost hope. This game was a great way to end the season, and everyone was impressed with how they played. They improved a lot over the season and everyone cannot wait to see how good they play next year.
Sophomore Emma Cusano agrees that this team made a lot of improvements since the start of the season, “ I think we played well. I think we really stepped up our game, despite our main pitcher being injured. And we are all really impressed by Angela, by the end of the game I think everyone was thinking that she was one of our main pitchers. I love this team and I can’t wait to see how we play next year.”
This team played well and with confidence and had an amazing season. With the way the JV girl’s softball team played Saturday, their season ended on a high note after playing a great season.

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