Who Am I?

From my place among the stars I feel lost in a sea. A push and pull of the atmosphere is constant upon me. Within, a turmoil of loneliness orbits as I do the blue globe, with uncertainty.

Prick prick prick against my skin like walking needles, dull and persisting. Meteors reverberate off my insides, crushing and intruding on everything in sight. Tiny niches of sprinkled stars in the corners, dark and hiding from the chaos. Trails of them like veins, pulsing along my skin in a never ending beat.

Alluring a gaze, my light side does. A sheen of white like frost, like glass.

My dark side, well, remains to be seen.

The particles lying below search not for the shadow, but for the light, for the hope. Foolish. They do not understand the most intricate ideas are born of the dark. The dark is a promise that it will be light once more.

Stars kiss my skin like shocks of electricity, caressing my imperfections, cherishing them.

My glow inspires a spark in the eyes of the damned.

An artist

a writer

a poet.

Souls searching for more. More than we are, more than we can be. More than the universe that spans the lightyears, more than milky ways and stars for days.

Some moments that feel like forever I shiver, stall, more darkness breaking through. I fall weak like any other, overtaken by fear



The silence closes in, plunging me into the abyss, to weather the storm, 

alone alone alone. 

Am I am I am I

Do you care?

Perhaps I am merely a figment of a lonely child’s imagination.

My tears are limned in starlight, my fears oozing from me in shadows, like many many puddles, blending together to create 

a river 

an ocean.

I spend my time listening to whispered secrets, intoxicated by passion and yearning.

The ache for something more.

And I keep my silence. No one hears my voice regardless.

Who am I?

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