Seniors Signing Off

On Apr. 12, 2022, eleven seniors: Sean Minnick, Kaige Garrity, Carter McCoy, Nick Saccu, Ryan Saccu, Jeremey Everlith, Grace Stephens, Jake Dellapiano, Emma West-Testo, Lauren Henry and Sarah Falcone signed their letter of intent to play at their respective college’s sports teams. During their time at Masuk, these student athletes have dedicated their time and energy to their sports while also balancing school work and a social life. After a stressful and lengthy recruitment process, these students are leaving Masuk athletics behind as they begin their next adventure playing at their dream school.

Senior and Division I commit Nick Saccu explains,

 “For me it was a very long and enduring process. By no means was it easy nor were there teams jumping out of their seats to offer me a spot on their team. I went to more than seven camps and sent out a thousand emails to coaches who I thought would be interested but I only heard back from a couple of them. Mid season the coach from Stonehill College came in to talk to me and at first, I honestly blocked them out as an option. After seeing the campus, meeting the coaches, and hearing how much they wanted me to play for them, I realized that this was the school I wanted to go to and the team I wanted to play for.”

  The signing started off with Coach John DeGennaro congratulating each athlete on their success and dedication to their individual sports. The coaches for each athlete followed up with a speech addressing the individual successes and character that make them successful athletes, students, and people. 

Senior, Division III commit, and twin of N. Saccu Ryan Saccu stated,

“Coach Steve Christy is one of the most important people in my life and without him and what he had done for me this year, this accomplishment would not be possible. Ever since he began coaching at Masuk, I worked so hard to make him proud. Everything Coach said about me made my senior year that more memorable because it showed how even though there are certain accolades athletes wish to achieve at the end of their careers like All State or All Conference, the most important thing for me was setting our school’s football team up for future success. Coach Cristy’s speech showed me that I accomplished this and that he was proud of me and what I accomplished this season.” 

After the coaches finished their speeches, with their family and friends there to support them, the athletes signed their letter of intent together. 

“Having my family and friends there to support me meant the world to me because it really showed me how much this accomplishment means and who really cares about me and my future. They were all by my side during the recruiting process, so it only felt right for them to be there when it became official. Signing with the other athletes was really cool because I have been friends with most of them since middle school and to see how we have all grown to further our lives at the athletic level just shows how hard we all worked to reach our goals,” R. Saccu explained. 

While other athletes had their families there to watch them sign, the Saccu twins signed alongside each other. 

“Ryan was never sure about what he wanted to do in the future but I have always wanted him to continue playing, so him being up there with me made me feel very proud. It made the experience more meaningful because we have both worked so hard to be where we are today and to keep pushing each other to be our best. I am so excited to see what he does in the future,” N. Saccu commented. 

After signing their letters, the athletes had the opportunity to take pictures with their families, friends, coaches, and teams. Congratulations to all the athletes who signed this year and best of luck next year!

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