Masuk Girls Lacrosse vs Warde

By:Josie Aja and Mackenzie Magas

The Varsity Girls Lacrosse team reigned champions at Monday night’s game against Fairfield Warde, marking this their sixth victory of the season. The girls started off strong with a nine-point lead in the first half of the game and worked hard to end the game with a win of 18-7. 

    Though the team has suffered some injuries including Seniors Mary Henry and Caroline Raymond as well as Sophomore Ellie DeGeorge, the girls persevered, readjusting their offense and working to improve upon their zone defense. Sophomore and goalie Sophie Clark explained, “Our team has been working on our zone defense for a while, and last night it really clicked, and we were able to block outdrives and cuts from the top of the 8, which is sometimes tough during zone”. 

    Sophomore Amelia Logan and Senior Lauren Henry are great leaders for the team. Clark said, “Amelia is really good at controlling the offense and setting up along with executing plays. Lauren is overall an amazing leader who boosts the team’s morale and is an absolute beast on defense”. Even with the absence of such an important player as Lauren Henry, the team was able to efficiently communicate and work together. The girls seem to be an extremely tight-knit team and this is one of their greatest strengths. Time and time again, they prove to spectators how much that bond and ability to work as a team works in their favor and what an important quality this is for a team.  

    The team has seen a lot of success this season so far and the girls are all able to bring different individual skills to the table to form an unstoppable team. With hard work and determination, the girls will hopefully make it to SWCs and States this season. Sophomore Lilly Cameron added,” Our team continues to impress many teams in the SWC and beyond, with our advanced play and our gritty attitude, we plan on being very highly ranked in SWC, and we’re excited and eager to show our skill when states come around.“

    The Lacrosse team will play again tonight at 6:30 PM against Bunnell where there will be a bake sale and table for spectators to donate and support the One Love Foundation. Donations will be used to help educate young adults about healthy relationships and put an end to abusive relationships. Make sure to continue to support the girls throughout the rest of their season and come out to their game tonight. 

Masuk girls lacrosse from the sidelines at Warde highschool

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