Masuk Boys Lacrosse Starts the Season Off Right

This past Saturday, Masuk Boys Lacrosse took home their first win in the first game of the season against Shelton high. Here’s what went down:

The first quarter saw both teams put in the work. The game started off with Senior captain Jack Nugent winning the face-off, and the first quarter was predominantly Masuk controlled. Masuk was unable to put in any shots in the first but held Shelton to 0 as well with great goalkeeping by Colin Deering. 

The second quarter didn’t go as well for our panthers, with a few turnovers and a lot of penalties. Shelton got a goal past 36 seconds in, taking the lead by one. But, the boys quickly recovered with the first goal of the season being scored by Sophomore Killian Irish-Donini, knotting the score up to one apiece. The rest of the quarter was a back and forth slugfest, as each team took shots, and another Shelton shot slipped in. The highly-contested first half comes to an end with Shelton getting another one in as Masuk was down a man, and the boys go into halftime down 3-1. 

However, a whole new Masuk team emerged for the second half and the boys had newfound energy throughout the remainder of the game, with an exceptional clearing game as well as strong ground balls across the team and great defense.

Junior captain Kyle Beckett starts off the third quarter with a quick goal, bringing Masuk to a deficit of one. Masuk continues to dominate the defensive side of the game, as Senior captain Rider Laguardia leads the defense to hold Shelton to 0 goals throughout the entire second half. Sophomore Eamon Quinn comes in with a righty rip and ties up the game in the 3rd quarter, and Masuk’s sideline goes crazy. 

Masuk’s defense holds strong throughout the 4th and is able to stop Shelton from shooting for the entire quarter. The defense came together towards the end of the game and forced turnover after turnover. Junior Kyle Sutfin goes berserk on the clearing end of the game, bringing the ball up countless times, and Masuk has good runs throughout the 4th quarter. With a few minutes left in the game, Jack Nugent comes in and brings Masuk up to 4-3. The defense holds on the rest of the game, captain Rider Laguardia fittingly chucks the ball up the field as the final whistle blows. 

Despite the questionable calls and clock issues throughout the game, Masuk takes home the W and looks forward with this great start to the season. Their next game is Tuesday, April 5 at Trumbull High School, pop out to support your panthers!

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