Infamous Instagrammers

In this day and age, nothing attracts the attention of high schoolers better than a phone screen. With a new wave of funny Instagram accounts, students are popping up everyday all over each other’s feeds. With each refresh, a new anonymous profile with bizarre and unique themes catches our students’ attention. From getting caught napping in school on @masuk_slumped to getting caught with the infamous cheese touch on @mhscheesetouch, Masuk students are taking their creativity to new heights. “I enjoyed the positivity the Cheese Touch account brought by commenting on everyone’s posts and hyping everyone up,” states senior Ashley Crespo. Junior Aly Olyear agrees, and comments “I think they’re funny. My favorite is the Cheese Touch account because I like cheese.” These lighthearted accounts catch students in their natural element, whether it’s chugging from their water bottles or catching a mid-math snooze in the back of Mrs. Charpentier’s pre-calc lecture. “My favorite is the Masuk Sleeping account, because I can relate strongly to other kids not being able to pay attention in class and needing to snooze out,” Senior Jack Cirillo admits confidently. “I think that the accounts are informational but also overdone,” Ella Rigby chimes in. “People are making accounts for everything and it gets annoying. Sometimes they’re funny though.” A few more of our Masuk students gave feedback on their favorite of these new accounts, and sophomore Anisha Gera says, “I don’t have a favorite but I think they’re interesting to see how the school and the students interact when it comes to social media.” Both Ryan Coville and Carson Stone have admitted to being big fans of @mhsparking_, a profile used to document the absurd parking jobs of the junior and senior drivers. “I like the MHS Parking account because it’s funny to see how much better at parking I am than my friends,” states Coville. “The parking account brightens my day and gives me something to chuckle about during school,” agrees Stone. Heading in an even more unique direction is the pop up of the @masuk_meows page, which is exactly what it sounds like. Upwards of sixty students and counting have submitted video clips of them meowing to this account for the user to upload. With over 200 fans, Masuk Meows is by far one of the most bizarre accounts our students can’t help but follow. When asked if they knew the figure behind the screen, Coville reveals, “No, and that makes it even more interesting.” It seems these accounts have everyone drawn in for different reasons, but eventually will just become another fad and phase of our own Masuk students looking for a way to put a smile on some faces.

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