Demace dives back into Masuk swim

Masuk alumni Emily DeMace is making her splash back into the Masuk pool as the new boys swim and dive coach. After swimming on the Masuk girls team and being a part of the graduating class of 2012, Emily has followed her swim path back to Masuk High School. 

“I met with John DeGennaro for the girls team first. It was a lot of situational questions and hypothetical instances. I have been coaching for numerous years now so it was easy for me to apply what I know and what I have learned throughout those years and be able to tailor it toward high school swimming. I think it also helped being a former student here, and a former swimmer on the team all 4 years. After coaching the girls team and getting the feel and hang of things, I decided to go right into the next season and coach for the boys.” DeMace has now been a part of both the boys and girls swim teams here at Masuk first as a student athlete and now as the coach. Anish Sharma, a sophomore on the swim team is enjoying his experience this year.

“She is a good coach, she challenges us to the best of our ability and she makes us the best within our potential. She has brought a good work ethic and whenever you text her she always immediately responds.” 

Luke Sawyer, a senior, is also loving his swim season. 

“I really enjoy having coach Emily around. She helps everyone out with their sets and she is very interactive with the swimmers.”Anthony Catalan a Masuk junior also only had positive things to say about DeMace,

“She is very positive and always brings a good vibe to the team. We always have fun everyday at practice. Overall she is a great coach.” 

DeMace is assisted by Scott Tumins. 

“I love coaching and have been coaching for about 20 years.  I just started working with Emily on the club team and she asked me to help her out with the highschool team and I have coached highschool teams in the past. I’m already here two hours a day (for rapids) . What’s another two hours?” 

The Masuk boys swim team is back in the pool this season with new goals and ideas along with new head coach Emily Demace and assistant coach Scott Tumins.

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