Masuk Boys’ Hockey Senior Night Win

 The Masuk boys hockey team braved the cold ice and began to heat up their two-game losing streak by defeating the co-op team of Bolton, Coventry, Rockville, and RHAM. The boys started the night out with a record of 10-7, and ended it with another win at 11-7. Jay Miguel, Jack Cirillo, Jake Takacs, Justin Taleman, Tory Beck, and Andrew LaBella took to the ice alongside their families and friends this past Wednesday night in a nail biter of a senior night game. Masuk took on the Northeastern Shamrocks, home, at the Shelton Rinks.The Panthers’ fan section roared as students and fans supported the seniors as the conclusion of the hockey season quickly nears. The student section supported our boys fully decked out in Masuk’s very own red, and cheering with relentless support. The game started off fast as Tory Beck saved a shot from the opposing team within the first few minutes. Beck’s skills were on display as he caught shot after shot and witheld the Shamrocks from scoring. With 11 minutes and 37 seconds remaining in the first period, junior Captain Drew Scalia wipes out, spraining his ankle. The team attempts to bounce back, and in the last few seconds of the period, junior AJ Michetti takes an attempted shot on goal. The period ends before any other plays are are made, and resumed strongly in period two when Masuk jumped out to a 1-0 lead thanks to junior Austin Braiewa. Not even 20 seconds later, junior Kyle Sutfin scores, putting Masuk up 2-1 against the Northeastern Shamrocks. The boys’ hard work and determination showed with these two back to back goals, working like a well oiled machine on the ice. The players fought hard as penalties flew left and right, but our boys refused to give up the lead. Period three started on a high note with another goal by Sutfin with 13:54 left on the clock. Next, Braiewa comes in with his second goal of the game, leading Masuk to its 4-1 win. Our Masuk Panthers now celebrate a huge senior night win and head into their post season qualifiers with high hopes of carrying this energy far into the tournament.

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