Panthers struggle against the Knights

On Saturday, February 19, Masuk boys hockey played a tough game against JBWA and ended up with a loss of 4-0. JBWA is a team which consists of three schools, Joel Barlow, Weston, and Abbott Tech all in one. Masuk nor JBWA scored a goal in period one, which then ended with a score of 0-0. 

“It was a tough one,” says sophomore Connor Ewald. Prior to the game, Masuk had a record of 10 wins with five losses and JBWA had a record of 13 wins and four losses. 

Although Masuk had attempts at trying to score, there was no luck. There were numerous penalties for Masuk which helped JBWA score three goals in that one period. At one point during the period, JBWA had a power play of five on three because Masuk had not only one penalty, but had two at once. The ending score of period two was 3-0 JBWA. 

Masuk continued their efforts to try and score a goal, but just like that JBWA scored their fourth and final goal, ending the game in a 4-0 loss for Masuk. Overall, the game was very physical and was a well played game throughout both teams.

“I felt confident that we could get a win against JBWA, but the turnout was the complete opposite unfortunately,” said Ewald. 

Masuk’s record now stands with 10 wins and seven losses due to a 3-2 loss against Conard Monday afternoon. Show out and support your Panthers Wednesday night as they face Northeastern at eight o’clock at the Rinks!

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