Masuk Boys Swim and Dive Meet

By Josie Aja and Mackenzie Magas

The Masuk Boy Swim and Dive team approaches the end of their season before SWCs, and competed at their final home meet this past Tuesday. Though all the swimmers put up a great fight, our Masuk team was unable to achieve the greater number of points and the meet ended with a 96-80 Masuk loss. Coach Emily Demace predicted that it would be a close match, and that was shown in the swimmers’ times. Sophomore Jonathan Ganino explained,“Many times the races came down to fractions of a second between the swimmers. I think it was a very good match up”. Though the Brookfield team came out on top, Masuk spirits were high and the boys continued to cheer each other on and instill confidence in one another. Sophomore student Gavin Gabriel said “As soon as the first meet started, I could tell we would click and work together really well. We’re always cheering each other on no matter the score, giving each other confidence.” From the start of the season, the boys have not only grown closer, but they’ve progressed greatly and captains Kenny Clark, Ryan Kanjo, Thomas Micu, and Ryan Youngcourt, have all been great role models for the rest of the team. Ganino described, “Our captains definitely stand out among the team, leading us along and scoring in many of the events, these four really hold Masuk’s swim team together.” All the swimmers succeeded in performing to the best of their abilities and pushing one another to progress throughout the season. Sophomore student Jacob Urkawhich said, “I feel like I performed well in Tuesday’s meet, most of my times were SWC worthy, but for most of us, that’s just the start. There are many I can do to tweak my form or adapt my pacing to get a faster, cleaner swim. Turns off of walls are essential to a good swim… We spend much of our time trying to nail those important speed boosts at practice. I myself choked up a turn that cost me my time in the 100 free.” Though putting up a hard fight did not grant the boys a win at this past Tuesday’s meet, the boys will soon progress to SWCs and we know they will fight hard and compete the best they can to represent Masuk.

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