Masuk Hockey gets Humbled

Friday, Feb. 11, the Masuk Varsity girls hockey team was left at a loss with a score of 3-1. The game was put against Masuk, a team that is co-opted with eight other schools and Conrad/Hall, a team that consists of two towns combined into one. Although Masuk entered the ice with a positive mindset, Conrad/Hall had scored the first goal on Masuk during the first period. 

However, this did not stop Masuk from making a comeback. From Shelton High School, one of the schools that is co-opted with Masuk, Maya Komorowski scored during the second period, evening out the score. 

“It was a tight game and we needed something to boost the confidence of the team,” says Komorowski. 

Masuk continued to give it their all, constantly switching players on and off the ice. Suddenly, with eight minutes left on the clock, Conrad/Hall strikes another goal, leaving the score at 2-1. 

When playing hockey, players often serve penalties. Standard penalties are only two minutes and occur inside the penalty box, leaving the team that is serving the penalty with four players on the ice. This is called a power play. 

Continuing to leave Masuk at a shock with 3 minutes left on the clock, Conrad/Hall manages to score another goal while on power play, ending the score at 3-1. 

“Even though we lost, I was still super happy with the way our team played and played as a team. It was a very fun game to be a part of,” said senior Caroline Raymond, one of the captains for the Masuk girls hockey team.

After Friday’s loss, the Masuk girls record stands at four wins and 12 losses along with an overtime loss at the beginning of the season. This game was evenly played between both teams which could have caused the score to go either way. Masuk’s next game is this Thursday against Hand Co-op at four o’clock at Sports Center yet again. Will this game be their redemption? Or will they suffer another loss?

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