Masuk Hockey Dominates

Monday afternoon, Masuk boys hockey dominated Trumbull with a 6-1 victory. Led by the scoring of sophomore Nick Kondub, the Panthers controlled the game from the start.

Masuk won the starting faceoff and Kondub put the first puck in the net exactly 28 seconds later, with assists by Drew Scalia and Aj Michetti. Trumbull was able to get a rebound off goaltender Tory Beck and score, tying the game 1-1, but Masuk wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

In the second period, the physicality between the teams grew more and more, as Masuk scored their first Power Play of the game due to Trumbull having too many players on the ice. Kondub scored two more goals at 1:56 and 6:38. “Coach Townsend had a set play that would work against them the entire game.” Both goals by Kondub were assisted by Scalia and Michetti.

Masuk was able to close out the game with three more goals in the third period. Austin Braiewa scored with an assist by Alex May. Scalia came in scoring the fifth goal with assists by Michetti and Kondub. Kondub scored his fourth and the team’s final goal of the game with an assist by Michetti. Lastly, Kondub adds, “After the game, we were hyped and excited about beating them 6-1. We were not nervous because we knew we had a chance. I did not expect the score to be 6-1.”

Masuks ability to dominate the majority of the faceoffs, take advantage of Power Play opportunities, and getting a hold puck possession propelled them to their win. The Masuk boys hockey team  plays Wednesday evening against the BBD Icecats at five o’clock in Danbury. Besure to go and cheer on your panthers!

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