Masuk Boys JV Basketball puts up a fight

Tuesday night, Masuk Boys JV Basketball faced off against Kolbe-Cathedral. While Kolbe is a top 25 team in the state, the game remained close til the end. While Kolbe is a formidable team, Masuk stayed in it throughout the game, losing 66-54. Surely a tough loss, the boys are still going strong. They played great, and  forced the highly ranked team to bring their A game.

Masuk went up early, and the first scorer for Masuk was Freshman Shane Walker. Towards the end of the first quarter, Masuk was up 15-7. However, Kolbe led a comeback and the first quarter ended 23-17, with Kolbe in the lead. 

The second quarter started off with a bang, and Junior Owen Smith scored with a nice drive to the backboard. Sophomore Ben Londono hit 2 consecutive 3s, and tightened the score.  Ending the 2nd, Sophomore Chris Fox hit another 3, and Masuk was almost tied going into the 3rd. 

 Londono says “Going against a really good team, we were going in there with nothing to lose, you wanna prove yourself to someone you know is gonna be better than you. Its no pressure at all, when you’re expected to lose, just go in and have fun. And getting those threes was nice, shooting is kinda my thing.” 

During the 3rd, Owen Smith drove to the paint for 2 again, bringing Masuk back into the game. Londono hit a floater for 2, and Masuk began to get into a groove going into the 4th.

Early in the 4th quarter, Masuk’s defense kept Kolbe from scoring much, with multiple steals and tips. Walker hit a jumper and another layup with a few minutes left, and the score gap lessened. Junior Mike Cafaro was fouled while hitting a clean jumper, and got another point for Masuk. Shane Walker scored 2 more to end the game. 

The boys played hard against the 14-2 Kolbe, but came up short 66-54. Come support the Masuk Basketball Team and show your spirit at their next games. 

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