Not So Super Superbowl Commercials

The Superbowl is known for its football, halftime show and of course commercials. Every year new commercials play across televisions throughout the game. Companies pay millions of dollars to put their commercials on during the Superbowl. Super Bowl ads originally cost $37,500. This year’s Superbowl ads increased a total of 20%, costing $5.6 million dollars. This year companies such as Budweiser, Michelob Ultra, Doritos and Coinbase were the most searched ads during the game. Many viewers enjoyed the commercials including Isabella Lee, a junior, “The Doritos commercial because it was funny and the animals were cute.”  Dan Sanchez preferred a different commercial, “My favorite commercial was the one about the Nissan 400z. I liked it because there was a lot of action and a lot of stick shift cars. Also, I love fast and furious and stuff like that.” Sydney Pida and Kiersten Feneley also enjoyed a car company commercial, “The Toyota truck commercial. There were so many celebrities and all the trucks were beautiful and it brought back memories for my parents.” 

Fiona O’leary also had a take on the commercial breaks, “The T-Mobile one with Dolly Parton in it. It is cool and has Dolly Parton in it.” Austin Braiewa also had a favorite Superbowl commercial, “I liked the Q-R Code commercial. It was cool because it bounced off the edges of the screen and it was a coinbase commercial.” 

Over the years Superbowl commercials have changed drastically becoming a cultural phenomenon. In 1980 Coca-Cola showed “Hey, Kid Catch!” as their first-ever super bowl commercial. Now over four decades later Coca-Cola is still showing commercials yearly in the Superbowl.

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