Times Tickin’ on Valentines


As Valentine’s day approaches people are in a scurry on how to impress their significant other. Flowers and chocolate? Does anyone like that anymore or is it too cliche? Everyone is looking for ideas, for something that isn’t classic. There are many ways to go about the holiday, typically your options are sweet and simple or big and extravagant.

Going for the sweet and simple can be thought out in numerous ways. For those traditionalists, maybe flowers and chocolates are the way to go with a cute personalized letter. If looking for more non-generic ideas, possibilities include stuffed animals, beauty gift baskets, sweets, socks, fruits, hot cocoa supplies, candles and so much more. There is a plethora of things one can give alongside simple things, such as an item that was wanted for a long time or has been talked about. You could even purchase polaroid cameras, memory boxes filled with photos, jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets that could be personalized, articles of clothing mainly hoodies, matching pajamas, soaps and shower items, or even a pair of slippers. Sometimes it is a struggle to find the perfect gift to fit the perfect person however with these ideas hopefully someone’s valentine gift buying is a little bit easier. 

As for the true romantics that choose to do something very close to the heart, writing something or creating a handmade gift is the way to go. Writing a love letter is always appreciated and sweet but there are also other opportunities. An alternate option could be to create a coupon book of things that the other person would want such as one ticket to watch a sports game together, a coupon for going out to a restaurant of their choice, and even a coupon for having a ‘yes’ day. Furthermore, one could write “open when” letters. These letters are a little more work but are totally worth it. Simply put, it is writing a few letters for the other person to open when they may be sad, receive great news, are going through a tough time, or when they are anxious, and the moments for these letters could vary overall. 

Writing a poem or, for the musicians, a song could be the path to follow. Along with that, posters can be created with cheesy pickup lines to make your significant other smile. Some romantics like to write a speech with their feelings in it and say it to the person of their choice. 

Want to make a big impression? There are many ways to play this out. Taking your significant other on a date can really make the day special and unique. To start they can be surprised with a cheesy poster or get asked out to go somewhere. There are many different ideas to continue off of that. For date ideas, there is going to a restaurant, to the movies, a small cafe, a car picnic or even a day in the city.

Need some spots to grab some delicious food? Well, in Monroe, restaurants include Marylou’s Ristorante, El Coyote, Republic Kitchen and Bar, Osteria Romana, The Smithy, and Bill’s Drive In. As for cafes, there are the classic spots; Starbucks and Dunkin, along with that there is Last Drop Coffee Shop and Terra Cafe. In the surrounding area for restaurants and spots to eat, there is Chipotle, Panchero’s, Spotted Horse, Amici’s, Longhorn Steakhouse, Little Barn next door in Shelton. Also found in Shelton are some small cafes such as Common Grounds, Aunties Cafe, The Bistro and Crossroads Cafe. 

Planning on going to the movies? Some great places are Riverview Cinemas 8 & Playhouse in Southbury, Bow Tie Ultimate Marquis 16 & BTX in Trumbull, Strand Theater in Seymour, AMC Danbury 16 in Danbury and Prospector Theater in Ridgefield. 

For those who prefer a more secluded type of date, then an at home day spent together is the way to go. Maybe ordering takeout and binging some movies is what some prefer. Along with that, you can play board games, have a cooking or baking competition, have a scavenger hunt, make arts and crafts, put together a puzzle, or have a spa night.

“It would be cool if the school did the secret valentine things that you see on tv shows that someone can send you something and it is given to you in class and people go around and something like that or staying in and watching a bunch of Disney movies and just getting food from somewhere like a Chinese restaurant or sushi,” Emma Cusano, a sophomore at Masuk, stated on what she would want this upcoming Valentine’s Day.  

“Honestly as cheesy it seems I would be down for like the big surprise kind of thing, I would want a boy to treat me by going out somewhere and getting me something I have wanted for a while or like getting me like, food, oh food definitely like candy and chocolate and stuff like that. I mean I like jewelry too, like a necklace or something like that. Hands down my memorable Valentine’s Day though would be like having a boy outside my window with a boombox,” Lauren Eigo, a freshman at Masuk, responded to the same question as Cusano. 

Some simple pieces of advice include not saving everything until the last minute because some things could not work out. Buy tickets or make reservations early because a lot of people will be planning on going out. Get gifts or presents early as well because some things could not come in on time or could be sold out as to those who especially will be buying flowers and chocolates since most people tend to purchase those. All in all, take a new spin on Valentine’s Day this year. Be unique and try to make February 14th, a special and memorable day for your significant other. 

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