Coffee’s Comin’ Up

POV: You step into Masuk running on minimal sleep, feeling nothing but groggy from the all-nighter you pulled cramming school work. You simply did not have the time to grab a coffee and all you can do is pray you are able to make it through the day alive all with a negative mentality and start to your day. That being said, the disapproval of teenage coffee consumption must be put to an end as it would certainly lessen the stress of Masuk students if they had a source of caffeine easily accessible to them at The Mart at school. 

“Believe it or not, I sleep better than I did during the summer. I’d say I get about seven hours of sleep as of right now.”  says Masuk Spanish teacher, Jayson Castillo.

On the other hand, Natalie Lieto, a sophomore student at Masuk states, “On most school nights, I probably get around four hours of sleep. Six if I’m lucky.”

Caffeine is provided for teachers all throughout the day and it is evident that students need the caffeine as well. 

There are countless occupied Masuk students who choose to challenge themselves and take the route of hard work in order to achieve their dream future. These students struggle to maintain a healthy sleep schedule due to taking several challenging Advanced Placement/honors classes and wishing to qualify for High Honors. It is beyond difficult to complete this along with balancing a sport, actively participating in clubs and extracurriculars, maintaining a social life, free time and sleep. 

Masuk must not disregard students who choose to take this route but instead make their lives easier by providing an environment of support. Having a source of caffeine available to them all throughout the day is the most simple and most effective way to achieve this. 

This idea would not be costly nor would it be difficult as students would, without a doubt, be charged a small fee for the coffee and there is a preexisting location for it. The Mart is known by all Masuk students and is adored by many for the delicious treats they already provide. Not only would students benefit from the added alertness and focus that caffeine provides, but the extra cash is surely a bonus to assist in any area of work our school might need.  

Some might say that teenage caffeine consumption has several negative health effects, however according to Quartz, “A 2016 study found that patients at high risk for arrhythmias could imbibe 500 mg of caffeine in a five-hour span without raising their risk of irregular heartbeat.”

“In a 2016 study, researchers discovered that people who drink the most coffee are also the people whose bodies have the genetic code to break caffeine down faster.” Quartz also states. 

There is little to no evidence supporting the fact that small-to-moderate doses of caffeine are dangerous for eight to seventeen year olds, especially if it is used only for performance-enhancement purposes as opposed to daily purposes.

“I’d say if you like coffee, you should be able to drink your coffee right here at school. But you’re talking to someone who has been drinking coffee since about five. It’s just like everything else in moderation. If you take too much of it, it’s not good for you,” says Castillo.

To add on, Kaylee Edgar, a sophomore student at Masuk, states, “I’m always up studying pretty late at night and in the mornings the first thing I think of is coffee, and having it at school would help immensely because it would save me from driving to Dunkin’ in the morning.”

Providing coffee for Masuk students does not pose any problems nor does it harm anyone, therefore what is stopping us? What is stopping Masuk from doing something that will benefit many?

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