Wellness Club Takes Action at Masuk


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Have you ever wanted to help the Masuk community and others out, but never knew where to go? Lucky for Masuk, the Wellness Club is a new club that comes together to do great acts of kindness, which involve (but are not limited to) creating handmade cards to send to the Newtown Rehabilitation Center, collecting leftover candy for Soldier’s Angels and more. Wellness Club focuses on promoting positive change throughout Masuk by offering lots of community service opportunities and establishing a place for all students to come together and have a safe place.

During FLEX, the Wellness Club brought therapy dogs to the school to help students feel less stressed. Encouraging students to be more engaged while being taught at home, Wellness Club co-presidents, Elana Kanjo and Madison Julian, came up with the idea during quarantine in order to promote the general welfare of students. In terms of dealing with stress, the Wellness Club has offered a space to participate in guided meditation and yoga during FLEX. 

“In terms of our mission, we initially found our club to help students learn more about maintaining a positive mindset, as well as maintaining positivity in our community. We do active community service as well as learning more about our mental health. We are trying to teach our members about mental health as well,” said co-president Julian.

 This club is working on finding more ways to make Masuk a better place, one step at a time. It’s ideas will benefit the Masuk and Monroe community by helping by giving our school an additional purpose, which is helping people and doing good deeds. Not only that, but if anything good can be done that impacts another community or group’s life, that would be wonderful for Masuk.

As of now, there are fifty four club members and meetings are held every other Thursday during FLEX in room E109. The journey will continue as the club continues to grow with students that are eager to help others and make a difference. Victoria Flam, a history teacher here at Masuk as well as the Wellness Club’s advisor, is very optimistic about where this club will go!

A question to ask yourself is: what will your next endeavor be? Even if you are not in a particular club here at Masuk, there are still other ways to help out! Committing random acts of kindness can really help somebody, which is what this club is proudly preaching.

For more information, follow Masuk Wellness Club’s Instagram page and keep yourself up to date with their future adventures:  @wellnessclub_masuk and join their Google Classroom: 3wbtmcs

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