Masuk Boys Basketball Struggles Against Newtown’s Outside Shooting

Friday night, the Masuk boys basketball team played a tough fought game against rival Newtown. Though the formal attire theme of the student section tried to show the Panthers meant business, the Nighthawks were the ones to close the deal.

Things were looking good at the end of the first quarter, as Masuk led 11-10 behind the scoring of seniors Brandon Francisco, Frank Piscitelli, and sophomore Matthew Domenichelli. Unfortunately, the Nighthawks responded with a flurry of outside shots, adding 18 points, making the score 28-22. Masuk came out strong at the beginning of the second half, thanks to Dylan Jackson’s two 3-pointers, amping up the crowd and his teammates as well. Newtown controlled the ball for the rest of the game and never let our Panthers get within 9.  The game finishes with the final score Newtown 63 to Masuk’s 50.  Brandon Francisco led the Masuk effort with 20 points, followed by Frank Piscitelli with 10, while Sean Minnick and Dylan Jackson contributed 8 each.

Now the boys are 6-6, with impressive wins against Kaynor Tech (79-50) and Cheshire (55-35).

With a game Thursday at 7 against Bunnell, the team is hoping to pull out a win. Be sure to show your support and don’t miss it!

Sophomore Matthew Domenichelli ready for a pass.

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