Shoveling Snow Days to the Side

No more remote snow days? Masuk students have been wondering if snow in the forecast means sledding or logging into Google Classroom. According to the Connecticut State Department of Education, 

“The 2021 Remote Learning Legislation establishes local board of education authority to authorize remote learning for students in grades 9-12, starting July 1, 2022.” In accordance with this decision, Masuk will not utilize remote snow days this year. For fans of getting out early in June, this is bad news. Alexis Mitrakis, sophomore at Masuk, said, 

“As much as the remote days weren’t that great and I did not like having to log onto a meet when I could have slept in, it was nice to have our summer start earlier and be able to get out early June instead of at the end of the month practically. I won’t be missing the remote days but I’m gonna miss getting out early.” But for those of you who love your hot cocoa and movies, this decision should make you happy. Emma Cusano, sophomore, said with joy, 

“ I’m glad remote snow days are gone because I want to sleep. I did not like waking up for school when we should’ve been having a snow day. I wanna watch my movies and go outside in the snow without being stuck on a Google Meet at seven-thirty.”

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