Easels for Eagles

When you enter Monika Gagnon’s classroom this year, you may notice something different. An array of brand new easels, courtesy of Tyler Cummings, a senior at Masuk, have been added to our beloved art studio. Cummings and his troop built the easels to help him attain the rank of Eagle Scout.

To become an Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable for the Boy Scouts of America, each member must complete a program wide project. 

“The project is required to become an Eagle Scout because you have to showcase leadership skills. There are requirements, and that is one of them. One of the hardest ones actually. After you become an Eagle Scout, you don’t stop being a scout, you just represent what a scout is,” Cummings stated. 

 “For the Eagle Projects, you can do whatever you want that benefits the community or a place that is personal to them.”  To put Tyler’s project and achievement in perspective, not everyone who is a Boy Scout earns the Eagle Scout rank, only about five percent do. Each year, the Connecticut Yankee Council, which is one of the four councils in Connecticut, awards the rank of Eagle Scout to fewer than 500 Boy Scouts.

For his Eagle Scout project, Cummings decided to build and donate easels for Gagnon, one of Masuk’s art teachers.

 “Tyler was really up for a challenge because he had to think about the hardware and wood he was going to use. He made the easels from scratch and identical to the ones I already have and use. And you also cannot forget he fundraised for the entire project which was just amazing because this is something I don’t have to budget for.” Gagnon was exceptionally grateful for the charitable contribution that Cummings has brought to the art department. Cummings explained, 

“I just thought it’d be nice especially because all of the easels were taken up with art work. I felt that they could use a little bit more plus these easels I made can be used outside.” The input of the art students was needless to say, positive. They were delighted and appreciative that at last, their inventory of supplies had been expanded.

“It was a very thoughtful idea and it was really helpful because it benefited our art classes in the best possible way. We could always use more help.” says Emily Reid, Senior art student at Masuk.

Junior, Elizabeth McCarthy, also an art student at Masuk stated

 “I think it’s a great contribution to the art classroom and they’ll be well used, maybe not right now but in the future for sure.” 

Cummings Eagle Scout project clearly not only benefits Gagnon, but a number of students that are a part of the art department, and therefore, his project was a success and helped Cummings officially become an Eagle Scout. So next time you happen to look at some of the amazing artwork produced by the Masuk art department, don’t forget to check out what that artwork is resting on.

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