Masuk Whatcha Watchin?

People watch around 11,270 series in their lifetime. Many just want to watch what is playing live on television, but there are shows that fans get incredibly addicted to. After taking a poll, the majority of Masuk students voted Outer Banks and All American as the most popular TV series.

As voted by students, their all time favorite show is Outer Banks. Outer Banks is a Netflix TV series about a close group of five teenagers from different social classes in their town. John B., JJ, and Pope are all from the lower-class side of town, also known as the Pogues, however, the other two girls, Sarah and Kie who are from the upper-class side of town, also known as the Kooks. 

“My favorite part of the show is the middle of the plot because it keeps me interested for a long period of time. The cliffhangers at the end of each episode make it more interesting to me,” Tristan Pike, a sophomore, replied.

The plot of the show revolves around the mysterious disappearance of John B’s father. This pushes the group to go and explore what had happened. As of the moment, there are only two seasons of the show out and the third season is yet to be decided but fans are hoping for it to be confirmed.

The second favorite show by students is All American. All American is about a high school football player, Spencer James. James Is from the lower-class, more troubled side of town, Crenshaw, in Southern Los Angeles, CA. His world takes a turn when he gets offered an opportunity to play football in Beverly Hills. By taking the offer, it causes tension between his old team and his new team. 

“My favorite character from the show would have to be Spencer. I like watching and seeing how motivated he is to achieve his goals and I also enjoy the action that is portrayed in every episode,”  sophomore Emma Cusano stated.

James is a hard-working high school teen and is very determined to do his best on and off the field. Since his father is not in the picture, he is the man of his house and now works to help out his mom back in Crenshaw. Due to the absence of his father, he closes himself off to others and only surrounds himself with his best friend, Coop, but since the recent change to Beverly, he brings himself to learn and grow from his past. Overall, this show is based on James’ Life and the events that go on around him. 

Outer Banks, the show about the group of five teenagers and the trouble they go through to find out the truth and All American, the show about Spencer James and the changes that occur in his life and community are both loved by the Masuk student body.

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