Fall Frenzy in Connecticut

It is, at last, officially fall. This means it is time to get in the fall spirit. Believe it or not, Connecticut is full of places to go during this fall season. The fall season should be enjoyed and taken advantage of. That being said, here are some places that will, without a doubt, get you in that fall spirit that we have all been waiting for.

To begin, one very aesthetically pleasing place in CT is Mystic. Mystic is a town in CT that will certainly make you feel like you are on vacation in an entirely different place due to its beauty. Mystic offers boat rides, beautiful waterfronts, historic homes, unique restaurants, or you can just take in the scenery. Mystic is an interesting town worth spending time in that is more than fitting for some fall photoshoots. Spending the perfect fall day out with your family or friends in Mystic is also a wonderful idea. 

Ideally, you can start the day off at The Mystic Diner and Restaurant for some luxury breakfast, wander around the Olde Mistick Village, attend a festival to take fall pictures, then make your way down to downtown Mystic until dinner time where you would later eat at Mystic River Cruises for a lovely dinner cruise. One can undeniably say that this the perfect fall day that any person would enjoy.

Yet another appealing to the eye place that is incredibly underrated, is Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam CT and Lyme CT. As the name states, Gillette Castle is quite literally a castle. Similar to a medieval fortress, you step inside the stone castle and built-in couches, table trackway, and wood carvings are revealed, as mentioned by Connecticut’s Official State Website. 

This place is ideal for fall photoshoots. There are several photographers who are more than willing to take pictures here as Gillette Castle is quite a popular choice for couples’ engagement photos. The orange fall leaves will complement the stone of the building which will have a beautiful outcome also for family fall photo shoots. Gillette Castle is simply a fitting place to go to if you have a dull day ahead and instead would like to spend a fall Saturday out with your family. You are guaranteed to enjoy your time here if you have interests in undisturbed and peaceful but unique places. 

Continuing on with the list, Talcott Mountain in Simsbury CT is undoubtedly another place in CT that many will adore. It is an absolutely stunning hike with incredible views that is frequently visited during the fall season. The state park features the Heublein Tower, a 165-foot-high mountain top lookout which is actually temporarily closed for construction. Regardless of this, those who are interested in more creative ways to stay active, can still go for the incredible hike. Going to Talcott Mountain for the fall season is the best time to go as there is not only greenery but there is the variety of colored leaves that will make your experience significantly better. Hiking in Talcott Mountain during the heated weather will make your experience rather unpleasant and sweaty, therefore the fall temperatures are perfectly suited for the Talcott Mountain hike. Starting your day off early on a Saturday morning to go for a therapeutic fall hike with your family and friends, or even just yourself, is a great way to get you in character with fall. 

Nancy DePietro, Masuk’s photography teacher has also said something quite similar. Her favorite fall place in CT is Pine Knob Loop. 

“I love to go hiking and up in Cornwall CT, there’s part of the Appalachian trail called Pine Knob Loop. It’s about a 3 mile hike but when you go, and you get to the top, you sit down to eat your picnic or lunch. It’s a lovely experience especially when all the leaves have turned to beautiful colors and the Housatonic River that runs right through. You see CT at its finest,” DePietro states.

DiPietro is absolutely right. Many people don’t always say that a hike is their go to fall place even though there are many benefits to going during the fall. DiPietro also begins to say,

“I love to take my dogs and it’s more of a social activity. I would never go by myself, it’s more fun with a group, especially because it’s a challenging hike.” Taking DePietro’s advice will surely help you have a great time at Pine Knob Loop.

Moving onwards with this list, Rail Bike Adventures is one of my personal favorite fall places to attend to during the fall. This place is strangely underrated as it is a place where you can ride on rail bikes used to venture down on unused train tracks. Although it’s pricey, the rail bikes can fit up to 4 people and you are taken to breathtaking fall views that are surely worth your money. It’s a guided tour that will take you to several lakes, hills, and trees. If you are unfamiliar with what a rail bike is, a rail bike can be defined as a riding machine powered by pedals ridden along railroads that have no train traffic. Not only is this another enjoyable way to stay active during the fall season but, yet again, the beautiful fall leaves will enhance your experience, will make you fall in love with the experience, and will innevidently make you want to visit again. Rail biking is, inarguably, an activity that can be done at least once in your lifetime and the best time to go is during the fall season when the temperatures are just right where we want them to be.

Last but not least, there is Pleasant Valley Drive In, located in Barkhamsted CT. Pleasant Valley Drive In is a drive-in movie theater that does unfortunately close after the month of September and does not reopen until April. However, this should not stop you from going during the month of September. This drive in movie theater imitates those from the older times and will almost make you feel as if you are in the 1900s with the grassy setting, charming sunsets, cheerful families, a large patch of green grass to park your cars, the audio of the movie coming from your car, your cozy blankets and snacks in the trunk, and the crisp fall air. Pleasant Valley Drive In is, needless to say, another great way to celebrate the fall season with your family and friends. Tenderly enjoying the movie with your loved ones in comfy seats or in your trunk of your car, with the beautiful fall scenery will certainly spread the fall frenzy that we all know and love.

To further away from the list, three sophomores at Masuk, Aoife Riordan, Emma Cusa, and Kaylee Edgar have also provided their input when asked what their favorite fall place in CT was. 

“Beardsley Cider Mill and Orchard in Shelton CT is a great place that I love to go to during the fall. They have superior donuts and small shops that never fail to satisfy me,” said Cusa. 

“Jones Family Farm, also in Shelton CT, is my personal favorite. The hayrides and the cookie stands are the best part. Especially the pumpkin picking,” Aoife then added

To recap on what has been said, the fall season should be taken advantage of and should be celebrated rather than ignored. Going to these mentioned places will get you in character with fall, will prevent fall from passing by quickly without surprise, and will spread that fall frenzy we need more than ever to keep us distracted from our stresses in life!

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