Bringin’ Back Happy to Halloween

The Coronavirus has made everything difficult throughout 2020 and 2021. Halloween, one of the most popular holidays throughout the year, was limited last year and wasn’t the same as years past. Whether it was requirements to wear a mask, kids not being allowed to go out, houses closed and not allowing trick or treaters, or just less people being out, the Masuk community is hoping for a more regular Halloween this year. 

“Last year there were less people and a lot of the kids didn’t get candy because not many people handed it out,” Mia Morelli, Masuk sophomore, stated. 

A good amount of children that were permitted to go out did not have as much fun as years previous because of their disappointment as they saw houses without their lights on. Trick or treating isn’t only for younger children but teenagers as well. It is an opportunity to get out outside and still be a kid. Most teenagers are almost adults and for many this Halloween could be the last before they are “too old” to truly trick or treat. 

“I didn’t go out for long because I had to hand out the candy at my house but I just kind of threw it in their buckets from a distance,” Morelli responded when asked about distancing or following mitigation strategies throughout the holiday. 

The Masuk community has a significant amount of hope for a more regular Halloween this year and returning that joy and fun back to the holiday. With the COVID vaccines out now hopefully people will be more comfortable and at ease with the idea of their children being out and around others. 

“I think that this Halloween will be more regular and I think that more people will have their homes open to passing out candy because the vaccine is out and they will probably be more comfortable about it. I know I will be going out with friends. I am wondering though if people are going to be wearing masks while handing out candy,” Morelli stated. 

Masking remains up for debate since schools are still requiring children to wear them in Monroe. Some people might choose to wear their masks when they are giving out the candy, but it seems to be less likely for children and families to be wearing masks whilst outside and trick or treating. 

Everyone is hoping for a more positive and enjoyable holiday and for the true Halloween spirit to be returned. 

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