Seniors, It’s Time to Apply to College

By: Kayla Andreo

As Common App opened up on Aug. first, Masuk seniors are beginning their college application process, or at least they should be, right?   

Some students have started their applications and others have not. Senior, Juliana Pagano, committed to playing D1 women’s lacrosse at Bucknell University. Pagano has not started the application process yet, when I asked her how she is feeling about the process she responded, 

“I am not stressed out about getting in, I am only stressed about making my application perfect and getting it in on time.”

 This reassurance can be comforting, but for most students, applying to college can be extremely stressful, especially when they are participating in sports and other activities, or they want to apply early. When senior Kenny Clark was asked about whether he had started his application and the overall process Clark stated, 

“I started my resume and I have a list of colleges I am interested in, but I haven’t started my essay yet… I am super stressed because I am worried that I am not going to have everything done in time, especially because I am applying through Early Action.” 

As Clark mentioned, he is applying through Early Action which is one of the two ways a student can apply early to college. Early Action allows you to apply early and hear back from the school in Jan. or Feb., but you do not have to commit if you are accepted and can still wait to be accepted to other schools. The other way a student can apply early is through Early Decision. Early decision allows you to apply early to your first-choice college and you will hear back from the school in Dec., however, if you are accepted you have to agree to attend the college and you must withdraw all other applications. Many students choose to apply early because the earlier you submit your application the sooner you will be notified if you were accepted and the greater the chance you might receive a scholarship.  

It is important that you manage your time and stress during the application process. 

“Budgeting your time and working on your application in intervals is a good beginning. Pick a day and spend an hour or two devoted to writing your essay and/or filling out your Common App profile. And remember it is okay to take a mental health break-find something you enjoy doing whether it be exercise, meeting with a friend, time alone–taking a  breath and calming yourself supports clear thinking. Remember, your counselor is here to support you through the entire process so attend your senior seminar and make your individual appointments–If you do, you will be just fine,” stated Ann Odoy a guidance counselor at Masuk.

Whatever your plan is after high school, whether it is college, the military, a gap year, trade school, or another pathway, this time remains one of the most rigorous and stressful periods of time for a teenager. 

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