Masuk’s New Block Schedule

Masuk’s new block schedule consists of a four-classes per day, 75 minute periods, and a new FLEX period after the third and seventh periods. There are extensive benefits to this drastic change in schedule. It can provide adequate learning opportunities while adjusting the lecture time and providing time for group and project work. Masuk principal Steven Swensen has stated, “I think with the longer periods you’ll see less lecture type learning and more project and partner work.” With the extended period of time, it can be difficult for students to pay attention for the entirety of the lecture. Therefore, the hope is to cut down on the time spent teaching and taking notes, and increase the amount of hands-on work. This way, the class becomes more engaging for the students. Engaging activities in class hold many benefits for students’ and what they take away from the lessons, and many students are happy to have this time of active learning instead of extensive lectures. Not to mention the free periods at the beginning and end of the school days that permit students to leave early and come in late. Although it’s not quite open-campus, which the students participated in during last year’s “COVID year,” it still gives kids the opportunity to go home and sleep in when they’d normally be in class, a chance that no student would give up. Overall, block schedules seem to be getting positive reviews, from both students and teachers. While the teachers are happier about not having to cut their lessons short, and accomplishing more in one day, the students are just thinking about how to spend their time during their early dismissal tomorrow. Whatever the reason may be, it seems that the Masuk community is more than satisfied with the block schedule. 

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