Masuk Hits the Books Not Just the Fields

Student Athletes are constantly under the pressures of keeping their grades up as well as achieving in their sport. At Masuk, students are required to study, work hard and achieve success in all academic classes. Athletes hold the pressures of creating relationships with their teammates, and helping to achieve their team’s success. 

However, student athletes are accountable for being both academic students and growing athletes. The workload and influence of sports achievements are two influential factors on a student. 

“The workload with football is pretty stressful at times but it all comes with being an athlete at Masuk,” Senior Nick Saccu, captain of the Masuk football team, said. “Once the season is over I find that school is a lot better because I find managing time during football helps me with a lot more outside of school and my life.”

Learning how to manage time is an important and vital lesson in life, especially  for student athletes as learning how to manage their time becomes necessary during their season. Mentioned by Saccu above, after sports seasons conclude, student athletes find ways to use their time management skills within everyday life.

“It is very difficult to manage school, work, sports, practices and games, and still have time for friends and family,” Junior Lily Catullo, who does both track and cross country, states. “Although it’s challenging, I have learned to use my free time strategically. This ensures I have time to socialize as well as complete deadlines.”

Both Catullo and Saccu realize that it is all part of the commitment however they use resources to make sure that they can strive in both their academics and their sport. The workload on student athletes is demanding,  however when committing to a sport, students realize that school work and their commitment to a team are their utmost priorities.

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