Fit Check

For many, fashion is a way to let go and express themselves and over the years, fashion has changed drastically. Over the past decades, the views of fashion have shifted and what is socially acceptable has also changed. Now, the trends usually consist of baggy jeans, big sweatshirts or shirts, layering, and collared tees. Many outfits we see around Masuk that are considered “trendy” or “stylish” typically consist of these things. While if we were to go back in time to the 2010s, the trends and societal norms would be “hipster fashion” and completely different looks.  

At Masuk we see different apps and influencers changing the way fashion is viewed. As the years continue to progress, fashion is constantly changing and what people view as “stylish” evolves every day. The trends of fashion have not only developed in what is actually seen and worn, but confidence wise. With social media and this age, many more people feel comfortable expressing themselves and wearing what they want. This is very apparent here at Masuk. Masuk Sophomore, Lilly Cameron, says it best, “Social media has taught kids our age there is no ‘perfect’ style. It’s just whatever you feel most comfortable in. Everyone has different styles so there is no standard for what people think they have to wear.” 

 With the changes in fashion trends here at Masuk, we see a change in confidence and expression, which is something that everyone should be able to do. Fashion has become an outlet for many; a way to express yourself in ways you couldn’t before. Fashion has changed the expression of people forever and hopefully will continue to change and grow as the years go by.

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