Social Media and Mental Health: Do They Go Hand and Hand?

This year, everything has gone digital, from school, work, extra curricular activities, etc., which has caused people to lose contact with our loved ones. The citizens of Monroe, as well as the rest of Connecticut have had to find other creative ways to communicate. Through social media which has become more popular amongst everyone of all ages. 

All social media under the sun, like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook for the older folks, and even TikTok have become even more prominent parts of our lives in an effort to bring everyone together during these unprecedented, limited-contact times. However, the real question is: has social media been always used for good? Or, has it been becoming detrimental to our mental health? 

Isabelle Tiska, a junior at Masuk, believes that social media can be good and bad for our mental health,

“Honestly, I feel like people hide behind a ‘mask’ [on social media]. Either they’re mean to you for no reason online, or they’re nice,” Tiska claims. “They believe that by hiding behind a screen, that can cause people to be rude with no explanation, and often no possible consequences.”

 Another Masuk student named Mimi Gonzalez, is in agreement with Tiska in regards to how social media can potentially negatively impact our lives. She believes that every student here at Masuk has experienced negativity on social media to some extent. Gonzalez shares her personal experience with social media,

 “I used to get attacked on group chats for being myself and for liking anime.” 

People would make fun of her for who she is, and it would make her feel bad about herself. 

“I feel like they [young children] should not have social media at a young age because they could get hurt by the things that people will say online. When they grow up, they will start to hate themselves and that’s not okay.” 

She says that students who are impacted by bullying from social media will be detrimental to their mental health and it is crucial that younger people do not obtain it for the purpose of protection from the cruel, outside world. While Mimi believes that peoples’ younger siblings and other children should not have social media altogether, Tiska believes that it can vary depending on the situation,

“It really depends on how mature they are or what their intention of using their phone is,” stated Tiska.

They add that some kids may have different intentions than others. For a lot of students here at Masuk, people use social media such as Instagram to post memories and adventures that they have endeavored, and their friends comment on their post and “hype them up,” which can be a positive way to use social media.

Social media has its positive and negative effects, and an amount of students at Masuk High School have experienced both the negatives and positives. Throughout Covid-19, social media will most likely continue to be a way that everyone connects, and it is up to each individual on how to use it. Whether it is used positively or negatively, that is up to the person!

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